This is an easy way for Laura to keep track of all that she’s sewing!

Updated 2/5/17

February 2017

  1. Bullet journal zippy pouch
  2. February block for my Beehive Swarm (online quilting bee)
  3. zippy wallet for Selah
  4. Handmade Christmas 2016: two color books
  5. Handmade Christmas 2016: two pillow covers

January 2017

  1. three flannel baby blankets (two for girls and one for a boy)
  2. Handmade Christmas 2016: paper-pieced Hobbit mini-quilt
  3. Handmade Christmas 2016: Firefly mini-quilt
  4. January block for my Beehive Swarm (online quilting bee)
  5. quilt block for another collaborative quilt (which is a surprise, hence the grayed out color!)
  6. seven corn sacks for family and friends
  7. skirts for Gracie, Clara, and Ellie plus belts for Gabe and Marko
  8. little stuffed owl for Marko (first finish of 2017!)

December 2016

  1. Handmade Christmas 2016: paper pieced pillows: AT AT, Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon, and Striped Star.
  2. Handmade Christmas 2016: Christmas stockings for Ellie and Marko
  3. Handmade Christmas 2016: lip balm holder for Nik
  4. Scooter buckets for Ellie and Marko
  5. Christmas dress for Ellie
  6. 10 cornsacks to sell at the FCF Advent Bazaar

November 2016

  1. Ornaments for the FCF Advent Bazaar (year #7!)
  2. flannel baby blanket for baby Adam.
  3. final two bags of the year for B-More Bags



June 2016


May 2016

  1. quilted signature book
  2. silk infinity scarf (as a wedding present)
  3. quilt blocks for the Modern HST Sampler
  4. three more flannel baby blankets
  5. Crayon Challenge mini-quilt (for the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild)
  6. 3 fabric flowers as Mother’s Day presents

April 2016

  1. Ellie’s Greek Parade dress and two Greek fabric flowers
  2. one more tote bag for B-more Bags
  3. two flannel baby blankets
  4. apron for Marko (a commission from Yiayia!)
  5. almost finished my mini Facing East quilt

March 2016

  1. two tote bags for B-More Bags (a fundraiser of the House of Ruth)
  2. Ellie’s Easter dress, Nik and Marko’s Easter ties, and my Easter flower
  3. tiny drawstring bag for Ellie’s baby teeth

February 2016

  1. four baby bird ornaments for my nephew and others
  2. eight portable heating pads (“corn sacks”) for friends (on commission and as thank you gifts)
  3. tablecloth for our very large table
  4. three quilted potholders for our kitchen

January 2016

  1. Marko’s birthday truck shirt
  2. Handmade Christmas 2015 – stuffed penguin ornament
  3. butterfly baby blanket for Baby S
  4. three more flannel baby blankets
  5. construction apron, blanket and wipes for Marko

December 2015

  1. Handmade Christmas 2015: Hot pads for Andreas and Nikki
  2. Handmade Christmas 2015: memory game for Marko
  3. Handmade Christmas 2015: doll clothes for Ellie
  4. alligator flannel blanket for Baby I
  5. Ellie’s Christmas dress
  6. Handmade Christmas 2015: camera ornament

November 2015

  1. ornaments for church
  2. felt stuffed turkey

October 2015

  1. ornaments for church

September 2015

  1. Ornaments for church
  2. Ellie’s birthday dress
  3. backpack for Marko

August 2015

  1. doll dress for Ellie
  2. introvert recovery quilt
  3. library tote bag

July 2015

1. Introvert recovery quilt

June 2015

  1. Bag for me
  2. 4 crayon rolls (and a tutorial)
  3. dining room shades
  4. introvert recovery quilt
  5. fabric cards

May 2015

  1. Birthday tote bag
  2. dining room shades
  3. table runner hand quilting

 April 2015:

  1. Mark’s doll
  2. four baby blankets with matching pouches
  3. dining room shades
  4. table runner hand quilting
  5. crab baby blanket

March 2015

  1. Mark’s doll
  2. baby blanket (with embroidery)
  3. Ellie’s Easter dress
  4. converted flares into skinny jeans

February 2015

  1. Mark’s doll
  2. skirt embellishment and other mending (Finish It Up Friday #2)
  3. Baby Jesus in the Manger felt ornament

January 2015

  1. Mark’s doll
  2. baby blanket and pouch
  3. pillowcase for Mark’s birthday
  4. another pillowcase for Mark

December 2014

  1. Ellie’s cornsack and pillow case (Handmade Christmas 2014)
  2. Mark’s color book (Handmade Christmas 2014)
  3. Annika’s bird ornament (Handmade Christmas 2014)
  4. Ezra and Violet’s cross-stitch names (gifted in 2014 but sewn in 2009-2014)

November 2014

  1. Katie’s diaper bag, wallet, and changing pad
  2. Lynn’s corn sack
  3. Mom’s hot pads (Handmade Christmas 2014)
  4. A bag to go on a friend’s walker
  5. baby blanket for Cathedra and Star

October 2014

  1. Alex’s birthday beanbags
  2. Nikki’s birthday stationery
  3. Ornaments for church
  4. felt Christmas tree light strings (Handmade Christmas 2014)
  5. Ellie’s skirt

September 2014

  1. Ornaments for church
  2. Ellie’s birthday dress
  3. corn sack for Jana’s mother

August 2014

  1. Ornaments for church
  2. Mark’s doll

July 2014

  1. Car seat bag for Ellie’s new carseat
  2. Sundresses for Ellie and Violet
  3. Crayon Roll for Ellie
  4. Mark’s doll

June 2014

  1. A quilted tote for me

May 2014

  1. The giveaway prizes – Jennie’s pouch and Kim’s crayon roll
  2. quilted table runner

April 2014

  1. Ellie’s Easter dress
  2. Mark’s and Nik’s Easter ties
  3. five more baby blankets

March 2014

  1. finishing up some WIPs (works in progress) – update 7
  2. two baby blankets

February 2014

  1. Mark’s birthday quilt
  2. pillows for Ellie and Mark
  3. finishing up some WIPs (works in progress) – update 5, update 6

January 2014

  1. two baby blankets
  2. finishing up some WIPs (works in progress) – update 1, update 2, update 3, update 4
  3. Mark’s birthday quilt

December 2013

  1. Handmade Christmas 2013: Doll diaper bag for Ellie
  2. Handmade Christmas 2013: hand warmers for Nik
  3. Handmade Christmas 2013: 1st Christmas bird ornament for Mark
  4. Handmade Christmas 2013: Twister quilt for Andreas and Nikki!

November 2013

  1. Handmade Christmas 2013: Grayling for my dad
  2. Handmade Christmas 2013: Tree garlands for Rachel and Drew and Chris and Katie
  3. Handmade Christmas 2013: Sheep for my mother
  4. Christmas ornaments for church
  5. Handmade Christmas 2013: Birds for Eric and Meggan and the kids

October 2013

  1. Baby blankets x 4
  2. Handmade Christmas 2013: Tree Garland for Jon and Leah

September 2013

  1. Steph’s “Here We Go” bag
  2. Ellie’s birthday dress

August 2013

  1. Handmade Christmas 2013: The Twister quilt for Andreas and Nikki (only the circles)

July 2013

  1. Baby girl blanket

June 2013

  1. Color books (finally finished!)
  2. Pants for Mark

May 2013

  1. Color book (and accompanying tutorial)
  2. Baby blanket for Kelly

April 2013

  1. Color book (and accompanying tutorial)

March 2013

  1. Baby blankets for two sets of friends
  2. Cloth wipes
  3. Mark’s bunny
  4. My Easter skirt

February 2013

  1. Zip pouches for our midwife and nurses
  2. Drawstring bag for Ellie’s bath toys

January 2013

  1. Finished the living room shades!
  2. Changing pad and two cloth diapers for Ellie’s doll

December 2012

  1. Nik’s sunglasses case
  2. Christmas tree skirt
  3. Cloth napkins
  4. [yes, even more] cloth wipes
  5. a baby blanket for friends who are having a girl
  6. Cloth diapers and a changing pad for Ellie’s doll

November 2012

  1. Handmade Christmas 2012 – Gabe’s 1st Christmas ornament
  2. Handmade Christmas 2012 – Ellie’s “baby backpack”
  3. Gardening apron for Tina’s birthday
  4. Boy blanket in case our baby is a boy
  5.  The owl blanket for our new baby
  6. Handmade Christmas 2012 – portable cushion
  7. Handmade Christmas 2012 – water bottle holder
  8. Handmade Christmas 2012 – bicycle bucket
  9. Handmade Christmas 2012 – potholders for Nik’s mother
  10. Cooking apron for Ellie
  11. [Almost] finished the Roman shades for the living room

October 2012

  1. Cloth wipes
  2. A new girl blanket
  3. A boy baby blanket
  4. Another little zippered pouch
  5. Tree skirt front
  6. The Roman shades for the living room
  7.  Bedding for Ellie’s doll bed
  8. Handmade Christmas 2012 – green tree garland
  9. Handmade Christmas 2012 – patchwork star
  10. Handmade Christmas 2012 – felt “ogee” ornament
  11. Handmade Christmas 2012 – “Polaroid” ornament
  12. Handmade Christmas 2012 – mug rug for my mother
  13. Another baby blanket for friends who are having a girl

September 2012

  1. Christmas ornaments for church
  2. Ellie’s doll (other posts here, here, and here)

August 2012

  1. A zippered pouch for a young friend of mine
  2. Roman shades for the living room
  3. Christmas ornaments for church

July 2012

  1. Roman shades for our living room and dining room
  2. A drawstring bag for a moose

June 2012

  1. Eyeglasses case for me.
  2. Flannel blanket for Ellie’s bunny.

May 2012

  1. Four drawstring bags for four birthday presents
  2. A child’s apron
  3. Heather’s quilt

April 2012

  1. A knitted dishrag
  2. Birthday bib
  3. Betsy’s baby quilt!
  4. Three baby blankets (for a girl, a boy, and a surprise)

March 2012

  1. The Easter Banner (and here’s the post that describes all three banners)
  2. A little zippered bag for one of Nik’s tennis players
  3. Dishrag (knitting)

February 2012

  1. Toy drawstring bag
  2. Drawstring bag for Ellie’s toys in the car
  3. Nik’s T-shirt quilt
  4. Roman shades for the living room and dining room

January 2012

  1. Nik’s T-shirt quilt

December 2011

  1. Tina’s birthday tote bag
  2. Tina’s glasses case (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  3. Mom’s scarf (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  4. Nikki’s scarf ((Handmade Christmas 2011)
  5. Andreas’s pancake apron (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  6. Alex’s pancake apron (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  7. Luke’s color book (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  8. Dad’s glasses case (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  9. Ellie’s color book (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  10. Nik’s T-shirt quilt (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  11. Vic and Joanna’s blessing book cover

November 2011

  1. Surprise project #4 continued – Jon and Leah’s bag!
  2. Surprise project #5 continued – The Checkers Cuddling Quilt for Noah, Selah, Jonas, and Ezra (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  3. Bird ornaments for Clara and Violet  (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  4. Grace’s doll quilt  (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  5. Addie and Alex’s colored pencil roll (Handmade Christmas 2011)

October 2011

  1. Surprise project #4 continued (a baby present) – Jon and Leah’s bag!
  2. Bird ornament for Maria  (Handmade Christmas 2011)
  3. Alex’s birthday superhero backpack
  4. Lots and lots of felt ornaments for church
  5. Kaitlyn’s doll quilt  (Handmade Christmas 2011)

September 2011

  1. Cloth wipes for a baby shower present.
  2. More cloth wipes for another friend.
  3. Ellie’s birthday dress
  4. Surprise Project #4 – Jon and Leah’s diaper bag

August 2011

  1. Potholders for Nicole and Stephen
  2. The Letter A
  3. Surprise Project #4 – Jon and Leah’s diaper bag
  4. Surprise Project #5 – the Checkerboard Quilt for Noah, Selah, Jonas, and Ezra.

July 2011

  1. The Letter R

June 2011

  1. 5 large cloths to put under Ellie’s high chair
  2. 3 bags to use as diaper pail liners
  3. A car seat carrier
  4. Pants for Ellie

May 2011

  1. Surprise Project #3 (continued) (Rachel’s bag)
  2. Surprise project #2 (continued) (Steph’s quilt)
  3. Baby blanket for Lora and her baby boy, Caleb
  4. Baby blanket Steph and baby girl Boblooch

April 2011

  1. Surprise project #1 (Anne’s quilt)
  2. Surprise project #2 (Steph’s quilt)
  3. Ellie’s Easter shoes
  4. Ellie and Luke’s Easter Bunnies
  5. Surprise project #3 (Rachel’s bag)

March 2011

  1. Ellie’s pink and green quilt! (update 1, update 2, update 3, final project)
  2. Three diaper changing pads

February 2011

  1. The YoungLives Blanket Project
  2. Meggan’s diaper bag and coordinating accessories
  3. Baby blanket for Lisa and baby boy

January 2011

  1. The Young Lives Blanket Project
  2. Baby blanket for Nikki and Luke
  3. Baby blanket for Sharla and baby boy.

December 2010

  1. Owl pillows for Alex, Alex, and Ezra (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  2. Color books for Kaitlyn and Grace (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  3. A journal/composition book cover for Selah (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  4. A guitar strap cover for Noah (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  5. A trinket keeper for Jonas (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  6. Felt letters for Addie (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  7. A gathered clutch for Nikki (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  8. A tote for carrying firewood (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  9. Started a quilt for Ellie (Handmade Christmas 2010)
  10. Baby blanket for another friend – pink because it’s a girl, green in case she gets tired of pink!

November 2010

  1. Little coin purses for our midwife and nurse, who were so amazing when Ellie was born.

October 2010

  1. A baby blanket for a friend – blue dots on one side if it was a boy, blue flowers on the other if it was a girl!
  2. A swaddling blanket for Ellie.
  3. Two baby blankets for another friend’s twin boys.

September 2010

  1. Made two baby blanket sets – one for a boy, one for a girl!
  2. Mei tai (from the Sew Liberated pattern)
  3. Christmas present projects which cannot be publicized at this time! 🙂
  4. Knitting bag for Tina’s December birthday

August 2010

  1. Finished a puff ball pinecone wreath
  2. Completed the sewing club project – the Tabitha Bag (for me!)
  3. Made a nursing cover (two of them actually).
  4. Made Christmas ornaments for the Advent Bazaar at church.
  5. Sewed the Dad bag diaper bag for Nik.
  6. Made the “Hip Mama Diaper Bag” for me.
  7. Sewed a little zippered wallet just for fun.

July 2010

  1. Finished the baby quilt from February.
  2. Made 24 cloth napkins.

June 2010

  1. Made a baby blanket set for Jason and Nikki and their eagerly anticipated baby boy.
  2. Made a curtain for the upstairs guest bathroom.
  3. Finished this baby blanket set from February.
  4. Made this ridiculous looking hat.  Not a keeper (except for the costume bin maybe) but now I know how to make hats!
  5. Made a draft snake for our living room door to the porch.
  6. Made 51 flannel diaper wipes.

May 2010

  1. Made a market bag for Katie’s birthday.  Want to make more for myself!

April 2010

  1. Made a set of patchwork quilted pot holders as a present for Tim and Lesley (Nik’s high school Young Life leader and his fiancee)

March 2010

Didn’t sew a thing – blame Ellie’s first trimester.

February 2010

  1. Started a baby blanket set.  Didn’t finish it.
  2. Started a baby quilt.  Almost finished it.

January 2010

  1. A mei tai for Grace.
  2. Finished the living room cushions.
  3. Redid the travel pillow that Kristen so lovingly made for me about 6 years ago.  Sadly, I then proceeded to leave it in the sun for a couple months so now it has some weird fading patterns but oh well!
  4. Made a Buttercup bag for Selah for her birthday – used purple with green, my favorite of the 6 Buttercup bags that I’ve made so far and I totally forgot to take a picture of it.

8 Responses to Sewing

  1. Meggan says:

    I wore Grace in the Mei Tai and I loved it, Laura. It’s so much nicer than the one I wore Jonas and Ezra in. I thought that the wider straps would be bulky [which is why I made my straps narrower] and they were great.

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