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Poor Jon

He only gets a real birthday once every four years and then his sister has to go and pour lemon juice all over his paper cuts (name that movie!) and post a silly picture of him in a mighty fine … Continue reading

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Oh, the tangled web we weave

A couple weeks ago, I imported all my old e-mails from both of my old Hotmail accounts (which I’ve had since 1999.)  Or more accurately, I should say that Gmail did it for me and even labeled the e-mails with … Continue reading

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Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us to you!

Now you can rent a car! I love you, sister!

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January’s sewing project (and part of February too)

On the flight home from Alaska after Christmas, I started thinking about the obscene amount of flannel that I had and really feeling convicted that I was hoarding it.  I didn’t actually need all that flannel so why did I … Continue reading

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Saints be praised. She stopped.*

The puking that is.  She stopped puking.  It’s a miracle.  One day a couple weeks ago, I realized, “Wait, I’m not doing laundry every day anymore.”  And then I realized that I wasn’t paranoid about nursing anymore, I wasn’t taking … Continue reading

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My Inheritance

Here is my inheritance from my Papa and Granny (my mom’s parents): Their bathroom scale, Granny’s sunglasses, and Papa’s sock. Interesting. I asked to have their scale because it sat in their bathroom for my entire life and I love … Continue reading

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Peace, dude.

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At 4 months, 2 weeks: Weight: 17 pounds, 9 oz Head Circumference: 16.75 inches (which is on the smallish side, bless her) Height: 25.75 inches Cuteness factor: Off the charts  

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Reclining Buddha

Ellie’s new favorite diaper changing pose (which makes getting the diaper on and off a little more difficult)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

She loves you all too!  Nik and I send our love to you too, our family and friends!

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