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December Sewing: Changing Pad and Diapers for Ellie’s Doll

OK fine, so I just can’t keep myself from sewing.  I did intend to stop sewing after I finished those flannel projects but when B2 hadn’t arrived and Christmas had come and gone, I got out my sewing machine again … Continue reading

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February through January Sewing: The Living Room Roman Shades

Finally, finally, finally, I finished the living room shades! (I had to do something to keep myself from going crazy while waiting for B2.)  We’ve actually had them up and have been using them since the beginning of November but … Continue reading

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For Some Baby News of the Less Interesting Kind

Nik and I went to my 40-week midwife appointment yesterday.  All is well, baby is doing fine, and we’re just waiting for B2.  I did have an internal exam done but asked that I not be told the results.  I … Continue reading

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Lest the Blog Silence Be Interpreted as, “The Baby Has Come,”

Let it be known that he or she has not.  I guess he or she just wanted a 2013 birthday. Happy New Year!

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Embracing the Nesting

There’s no way the baby is ever going to come out with dirty couches right?  So as long as I’m vacuuming the living room to get rid of the Christmas tree needles, I might as well rotate the couch cushions … Continue reading

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Cross That Kitchen Off The List

Well, no baby in sight so today I took everything out of all our kitchen cupboards/drawer and pantry, washed them inside and out, tossed/gave away stuff we don’t need/use any more, threw out outdated spices, reorganized, and generally gave myself … Continue reading

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Is It Nesting If I’ve Been Planning to Do This For Weeks?

Today, I spent most of the day cleaning our upstairs.  I even swept/dusted the stairs on my way down.  Keep in mind we don’t use the upstairs – at all – in our daily lives.  My sewing room is up … Continue reading

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It’s time for a photo shoot!

We’ve taken almost every important set of milestone pictures in Sherwood Gardens so we didn’t want B2 to miss out! And so, I present to you, “Laura was very pregnant (38 weeks pregnant to be exact) with B2 so she, … Continue reading

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This Post Is Not Meant to Induce Guilt or Envy

I mean what I say in the title because believe me, none of what I’m about to write would be true if we didn’t have the imminent arrival of a baby to motivate us. We are completely finished with Christmas … Continue reading

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Note to Self

When you are 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, it is not a good idea to call a friend three times in one hour and leave two messages.  It doesn’t matter if you know that you’re not in labor or distress.  It … Continue reading

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