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Poetry Thursday

No Tool or Rope or Pail Bob Arnold It hardly mattered what time of year We passed by their farmhouse, They never waved, This old farm couple Usually bent over in the vegetable garden Or walking the muddy dooryard Between … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday – It’s BAAAACK!

Ode to Greece by meWe were hours on a plane But we didn’t [hardly] complain All of Nik’s family, I met. He hasn’t met all of mine, yet! Clear water, beautiful beaches Lots of food, juicy peaches A broken toe … Continue reading

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Zucchini update

We pulled out the other half of the plant this morning.  The leaves were wilting and the plant was just generally dying.  When I pulled it out, I saw that there was some really fat worm-looking bugs in the middle … Continue reading

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We have already eaten 5 zucchini from our garden.  We have three more in the refrigerator.  THey were delicious.  We were excited to be eating lots more.  We also have a yellow crookneck squash and a patty pan squash growing … Continue reading

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Good news for the fishing family!

Let’s hope that Eric and Meggan are experiencing this bounty!!  It sounds like there was GREAT fishing in the Kasilof on Thursday so I hope they got a ton of reds!!

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We’re home!

After a bit of a miscommunication with our airport ride (BWI is a long way from Philly!) and a train ride home, we are back and ready to go to sleep! And I’m sorry if this is a bit of … Continue reading

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A little homesick but still having a great time

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Greece for three weeks!  We are driving back to Athens tomorrow, via Meteora, and then will have one more full day in Athens before we fly home on Wednesday.  I must admit, … Continue reading

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Dinner at 10:30?

Hello everyone!  It’s 7:30 pm, Greek time, and we just woke up from a nap not long ago.  Our schedule in Greece is so different from our typical schedule in the US!  We wake up around 7:30-8:00, eat breakfast, end … Continue reading

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Better early than never…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!!!!  (We’re in Kallikratia now, Nik’s mom’s hometown in the north, near Thessalonica.  We don’t have easy Internet access [i.e. we have to walk a couple blocks and pay] so here’s your birthday wishes a little early. We … Continue reading

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