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Poetry Thursday (for Nik)

Don the Dragon’s Birthday by Shel SilversteinHere he comes across the lake. He’s comin’ for his birthday cake. Sing “Happy Birthday, Dragon Don,” And watch him blow his candles…on.

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A few random notes

1.  There’s a teacher at my school named Katie Judge.  2.  I just roasted two butternut squashes from the CSA.  We now have eight cups of cooked, mashed squash in our freezer.    And I still have three more to … Continue reading

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Dad would be proud

So we’re just getting ready to leave the house and go work on the farm for a few hours.  We slept in (7:00 am is sleeping in for us!) and then Nik made us a really yummy breakfast – vege … Continue reading

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The “Cue the Hallelujah Chorus” Edition of Poetry Thursday

The driveways are done We thought they would never end. Nik is my hero.

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Resting, or trying to anyway – it’s hard

It’s hard to rest when there’s so much to be done.  The house is cluttered beyond what I can stand, there’s dishes to do, there’s all kinds of things that I’d like to bake and put in our new chest … Continue reading

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Oatmeal cookies update and more wedding pictures

They tasted REALLY good but were definitely more crumbly than usual.  They weren’t too heavy at all.  I used real cranberries that I still had in the freezer from last Thanksgiving’s cranbrosia. I think next time I’ll try the suggested … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday

I should probably save this for Valentine’s Day but we just went to the wedding of our friends Drew and Kelly and so I feel like posting this now!   The Bargain Sir Philip Sidney My true love hath my … Continue reading

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Improving oatmeal cookies

So I just put a batch of oatmeal cookies into the oven.  I used the basic “Vanishing Oatmeal Cookie” recipe from the lid of the Quaker Oatmeal box.  Nik always loves it when I make those but I figured I … Continue reading

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Don’t ask me my opinion

Meggan has promised to give her opinion soon.  But don’t ask me.  I’m evidently the East Coast expert on Alaskan governors, even those who became governor long after I left the state.  (I’m at least the expert if anyone knows … Continue reading

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Finally, the publishing of my doctoral thesis

By?  On?  Accidentally? About seven months ago, I asked you all to vote on a very important issue (perhaps more important than the presidency).  That issue was an on-going debate that Nik and I were having about the correct way … Continue reading

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