Handmade Christmas 2015: Ornaments for Two of My Siblings but NOT the Other Two (because I am definitely not perfect)

This year, I managed to sew ornaments for two of my four siblings.

For my sister, who loves to take pictures, I sewed her this adorable camera (from this tutorial). I even managed to get this done in early December. (Did I mail it to her in December though? Of course not.)

012 (800x800)

In January, I sewed this fun festive penguin for my brother who lives in Northern Ireland (from this tutorial, although I did choose to use traditional penguin colors).

010 (800x514) 011 (800x534)love that embroidered scarf!

And on Monday (a full six weeks after Christmas), I managed to put them both into the mail.  So you’ll be getting your Christmas presents soon, Jon and Rachel! (And my apologies for totally ruining the surprise by posting about them early.)

For my other two brothers, I knew what I wanted to make and was determined to make it for them even after I’d missed the Christmas deadline because how unfair is that to send presents to some siblings and not others? I know exactly what I want to make for both families (really cute ideas in both cases!) but I don’t have tutorials to follow.  As in, I’m going to have to find the felt and make up the patterns myself and realistically it’s going to be months before I get them both done. And by then, it would so feel silly to mail them a Christmas present months after the fact. So, I’m giving up. This is therefore my public confession that I love Jon and Rachel better than I love Chris and Eric. Just kidding! Really, this is my public confession that I’m not at all perfect. I don’t get everything done that I want to do and sometimes that means sending presents to some people and not others.  I do have great plans for Chris’s and Eric’s families for Christmas 2016 and I’ll make sure to do those first.  Maybe I’ll just ignore Rachel and Jon next year and then all will be even? 🙂

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4 Responses to Handmade Christmas 2015: Ornaments for Two of My Siblings but NOT the Other Two (because I am definitely not perfect)

  1. karynme says:

    Yep, I’m commenting again. 🙂 The weather is BEAUTIFUL and the boys are outside working on their fort, so I’m sitting at the patio table catching up on online stuff.

    Anyway…do you know that you can create an account and order flat-rate priority mail boxes (and stamps) online from the Post Office and they will deliver to your door? A friend told me about this service. I order the size box I need and fill it up, and then pay for and print a postage label (on paper–nothing special–I tape it to the box) from home (!!!) before scheduling a pick-up by my Postal Carrier. Yep. Game changer! As far as I can tell, I’m not being charged anything extra for taking advantage of this service.

    • Laura says:

      How lovely! 🙂 I think I vaguely knew that I could do some stuff online but didn’t realize that it was so easy. This particular time, I had to mail internationally and buy a special padded envelope so I don’t think it would have worked to do it online. But I definitely will keep this in mind for the future because (as you can tell from this post) it takes me forever to actually make it there!

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