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In negotiations

Ellie is nursing, mostly, thankfully.  Thanks for all the encouragement everyone.  She still seems to have some issues and just this afternoon went almost 4 hours without nursing and then would only nurse while swaddled and almost asleep.  So things … Continue reading

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Ellie joins the AFL-CIO*

*Association For Little Children in Opposition In her quest to support organized labor, on Saturday afternoon at around 1:15, Ellie decided to join the AFL-CIO.  When a child joins, he or she decides what to be in opposition to.  The … Continue reading

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Oh the cuteness! Oh the tinyness!

Last summer, we looked like this: Now, we look like this: (Only, we switched babies.) Welcome Luke William, born last Wednesday!  Good job Nikki! He’s so cute!  He’s so tiny! He’s a boy!  (And it’s impossible to believe that Ellie … Continue reading

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Captain Literal

I have to be careful what I say around Ellie these days, because she takes me literally. For example, last night I said to Nik, “Wow, Ellie hasn’t been talking very much today,” and immediately, she started cooing. Or yesterday … Continue reading

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In which Laura throws Eliana at Noah and Noah, being the nice cousin, rescues her from certain peril

*No babies were harmed in the taking of these photos.

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Ellie thinks Mama is silly

Now she really is laughing!

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A few hard lessons I’ve learned already today

1. A baby cannot be rushed.  (Actually, I learned this lesson while nannying 6 years ago but I evidently forgot it.) 2. It’s not a good idea to start a baking project where the items have to come out at … Continue reading

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One of my food resolutions for the year is to bake most, if not all, of the bread we eat.   I started today with Oatmeal Toasting Bread.  I made it with all whole-wheat flour and without the old dough (although … Continue reading

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Ellie talking to her fan club

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We’re home!

After a long trip (starting at 6:00 am AK time and ending at 1:30 am EST), we’re back in our own home! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Nik’s family in Arlington, VA and then on Christmas night … Continue reading

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