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Nursing = Ick, Gymnurstics, and Other Reasons Why I Love Nursing a Two-Year-Old

my [really late] post to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week 2015 Last fall, as Mark was learning how to talk, one of his first words was, “Ick.” He would point at my chest, say, “Ick”, and then lean over as if … Continue reading

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He Counts In Greek! And Sings in English!

It’s only fair that we show off Mark counting in Greek, right?  Ellie had her moment in the spotlight, so here’s Mark’s.  Unlike Ellie at this age, Mark is regularly and consistently counting to 20, usually perfectly, on his own. … Continue reading

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Linguistic Firsts (from this past week)

First Joke: “It’s a joke, Mama.  Why did the chicken cross the road to get to the park?” pause. laughter!   First Prayer: “Jesus, Baby Mark nurse, sleep.” pause. [I whisper, “If you’re finished, you can say ‘Amen’. “] “Amen!” … Continue reading

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Merry, Mary, Marry

How do you say, “Merry, Mary, Marry”?  Do all three sound different to you?  They do to my sister-in-law, who grew up in South Jersey.  She recently posted a video of her saying them and indeed, when she says them, … Continue reading

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A reminder

This is Laura, reminding herself to go find the 3-part NPR series about the development of language when she gets back from her trip. You all could go listen too if you want to! I heard just a bit of … Continue reading

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