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And while I’m at it, I’m going to post this picture of Rachel and I at the Pacific Ocean last May since it’s such a great one too.  And now I’m going to bed, having successfully procrastinated long enough to … Continue reading

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Since I’m such a mad posting Xanga fiend, I thought I’d post a picture of my friends Katie, Julie, Laura, and I at a fairly recent birthday party. I think most of the 3 (at most) people who read this … Continue reading

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The Best Carrot Cake Ever

Here’s a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated for the best carrot cake ever.  I made it for Kristen’s birthday party, both this year and last year.  Last year, I made really cute flowers out of circles from baby carrots.  This year, … Continue reading

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A Cool Outcome from a Good Deed Done More Than A Bit Reluctantly

So this afternoon, a friend called to ask me to do her a “huge favor”.  She had a crisis during the day today and was supposed to be babysitting tonight.   When I talked to her at 5:15, she asked me … Continue reading

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