Kickin’ It Old Skool

The Series about Why and How Our Family is Old-Fashioned

The Disclaimer (Read this first!)

The Introduction

A Little More Intro

A Short Interlude (about making small changes)

A Short Hiatus (from December 2012 through February 2013)

A. Parenting

  1. attachment parenting
  2. trusting our baby, with food
  3. natural/unmedicated childbirth (and Part b, Part c, and Part d)
  4. cosleeping/sleep-sharing
  5. exclusive, then extended breastfeeding
  6. gratefulness
  7. responsive parenting (even at night)
  8. baby-led eating and weaning
  9. staying close to our baby
  10. playing naturally (and why we don’t have toys with batteries)
  11. gentle discipline
  12. homeschooling (or even unschooling)
  13. babywearing and infant car seats
  14. wrap up and bonus links
  15. why seasonal eating will help your child abstain from sexual activity

B. Eating

(an eating confession)

  1. how it all began (and introduction to the “Eating” section)
  2. guiding principles:  local, sustainable, organic
  3. some theological implications of what we eat
  4. what we don’t do
  5. another guiding principle: can we make it ourselves?
  6. my most important food preservation tip
  7. the food rules
  8. fruits and vegetables, part a (what and where) and part b (why)
  9. grains/legumes
  10. dairy/eggs
  11. meat
  12. fish/seafood/other proteins
  13. drinks
  14. condiments, spices, vinegar, oils, sweeteners, nuts.
  15. what I would do if I was on a severely constrained budget
  16. what I would do if I couldn’t buy much local food
  17. why seasonal eating will make you happier

C. Cleaning

  1. no paper products
  2. cleaning with stuff we can eat
  3. using essential oils (and a scrub recipe)
  4. cleaning schedule
  5. washing dishes and laundry

D. Grooming

  1. introduction:  The Spots That Scared Me Into Change
  2. in praise of infrequent showering
  3. soap, shampoo, and toothpaste
  4. in praise of infrequent flushing
  5. lotions and sunscreen
  6. family cloth/mama cloth
  7. Diva Cup (reusable tampon) – first half and second half (guest posts)
  8. a side discussion about fragrances (and why you should avoid them)
  9. deodorant and hair products
  10. makeup
  11. clothes

E. Entertainment

  1. screens
  2. Sabbath rest
  3. hospitality
  4. candles

63 Responses to Kickin’ It Old Skool

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  3. lulastic says:

    I have JUST stopped washing my hair, 6 weeks in and just getting used to it. Look forward to hearing about your experience of it.

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  8. Kristina Kok says:


    I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you are writing the KIOS blog! I LOVE reading it! My husband, Matt and I are very interested in all the topics you are writing about. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and more interested in ever in what I can change now to affect our family’s future, as well as make informed choices about a natural child birth experience.

    Keep up the great work!!!! Can’t wait to read more!


    • Laura says:

      Thanks for that encouragement Kristina! I’m so glad it’s been useful and encouraging for you! Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve been writing about!

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