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Make new friends but keep the old (May sewing)

One is silver and the other’s gold. (Anyone else remember that song from Brownies?) That’s the song that kept running through my head as I sewed this bag for my dear friend Julie, who was one of my first friends … Continue reading

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All By Herself

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Delicious Alchemy

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How to Make Popsicles (without a popsicle mold)

Unlike my lucky family up in Alaska, we are suffering from a heat wave here in Maryland.  So for my Maryland readers, here’s a quick and easy way to make popsicles, even if you don’t have a popsicle mold. 1.  … Continue reading

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Maybe Dan has a future in stock photography?

We were a little late getting to the park when we took Ellie’s 7-month pictures, so Dan kept himself occupied by taking pictures of the flowers.  I think he should try to get people to pay for these.  Amazing!  

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It’s worth it

I didn’t write anything about this at the time but Ellie and I had a very rough start to our nursing relationship.  She had what is known as a “shallow” or lazy latch.  This basically meant that she didn’t stick … Continue reading

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In which I give you a garden/yardwork update and betray my snobbery

First the update: 1. Garden: Our first harvest (besides the overwintered carrot): arugula (not pictured) and radishes! 2. Yardwork:  The progress continues.  I’ve completed the mulch circles/rings/keep the push mower away under all three trees in A1 (find the map … Continue reading

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I love how squishy her cheeks look when she falls asleep like this!

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Giveway Winner and Your Awesome Recommendations!

Everyone, thank you so much for your great recommendations!  I’m going to be able to sew for years based on all your ideas!  I decided to go through all your comments and compile them here to make it easier for … Continue reading

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