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Salmon, Salmon, Salmon

We enjoyed a fun salmon and halibut dinner last night with our friends from Baltimore – Nik, Dan, Dan, Ray, and Al.  See Meggan’s blog for the pictures.  It was fun to have my Baltimore and Alaska worlds meet. Today, … Continue reading

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Adella is here!

Welcome to the world our beloved Adella Philothei!!  Born this morning 11:00ish OR time, 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 20 inches long.  I am now the proud auntie of TWO nieces and two nephews!! P.S. Katie is officially one tough woman!  … Continue reading

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Earthquakes…you’re not in Baltimore anymore! (and babies!)

This morning, around 5:15, I partially woke up enough to feel an earthquake shaking the house.  Meggan came down a few minutes later to use the computer and find out how big it was and so I woke up enough … Continue reading

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Back in Anchorage – and exhausted!

Hi all!  I’m back in Anchorage after three days of dip netting and camping with Eric, Meggan, the kids, Jon, and Leah from which I flew directly to camp to counsel for a week.  (Go to Meggan and Leah’s blogs … Continue reading

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Mt. Marathon

For a few laughs, head on over to my sister-in-law’s xanga to see a video of my sister Rachel and I “running” Mt. Marathon!  I WON!! P.S.  For those of you non-Alaskans out there, Mt. Marathon is a mountain outside … Continue reading

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I arrived, I’m safe,

I love my family, and Jonas has gotten so big and so adorable!

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A reminder

This is Laura, reminding herself to go find the 3-part NPR series about the development of language when she gets back from her trip. You all could go listen too if you want to! I heard just a bit of … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

Tomorrow, at 1:03 pm I take off for Chicago and then Anchorage for a 5 week vacation.  I don’t guarantee that I’ll be posting much, especially since I will be with my two most faithful readers/commenters!  But I’ll try to … Continue reading

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I had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful weekend with my friends at my reunion.  We laughed and cried and all three of my friends shared that they were pregnant – two of them due within just weeks of each other!  If … Continue reading

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Off to the Realm of Power

In a few hours, I’m leaving for DC to spend the weekend with my dear friends Cara, Christie, and Danielle.  We’re going to the the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the American Studies Program – but what we’re really going for … Continue reading

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