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I think I’m going to live

I feel much better today!   Although my leg is still discolored, the inflammation is gone and the sore is looking like it’s starting to heal.  Or at least it’s starting to go down a little bit.  The redness has lightened … Continue reading

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For Mike, my doctor friend

I’m taking Cephalexin (cephalexin monohydrate)- 500 mg/pill, 3 times a day, for 10 days.  The doctor said that it’s one that’s good specifically for skin bacterial infections.  This morning the red patch below the red circle is getting lighter and … Continue reading

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My leg is going to rot and fall off Well, not quite, but over the past week, I have had a very bizarre infection develop on my left leg just below my  knee cap.  It started out looking like a … Continue reading

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Can you catch ALL the mistakes?

eric is a house painter he lives in anchorage, Alaska he has three children he loves his children very much he is ms. judge’s brother he likes to eat thai food chris are a accountant he is ms. J’s’s sister … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Markets go digital

Eric and Meggan:  To keep in mind for future endeavors, here’s a good NPR/Marketplace article about farmers and farmers’ markets that let their customers order over the Internet.  It sounds pretty smart – that way, they don’t bring a lot … Continue reading

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Eric, Meggan, and the kids were here this weekend.  I loved having them here, waking up to see Noah and Selah sleeping on the floor in my bedroom, finding half eaten baby carrots all over the place where Jonas had … Continue reading

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I voted

Have you? (Even though it really doesn’t do any good to vote in the Republican primary in Maryland because the Democratic primary winners always win it all anyway.  Before the next round of elections, I need to change my affiliation … Continue reading

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