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When Making Milk Is No Longer Your Vocation

I loved being able to nurse my babies. If you read through all my nursing blog posts, you’ll see that although nursing definitely wasn’t easy from the beginning for me, it was a huge part of my identity as a … Continue reading

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Classics Club, Book #22: A Grief Observed (November 2015)

This is my seventh post about 2015’s books for The Classics Club.  I’ll be reading one classic book a month through 2018.  Track what I’m reading for the Classics Club here.  I’ll try not to include too many spoilers in … Continue reading

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I LOVE All The Toddler Inter-Species Nursing That’s Going On Around Here!

Last Tuesday, we took an early morning walk (mainly to avoid the extreme heat). Bear and Joey (as in, kangaroo baby joey) came along and they needed a lot of nursing that morning.* Sometimes, Mark asks to put on a … Continue reading

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Nursing = Ick, Gymnurstics, and Other Reasons Why I Love Nursing a Two-Year-Old

my [really late] post to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week 2015 Last fall, as Mark was learning how to talk, one of his first words was, “Ick.” He would point at my chest, say, “Ick”, and then lean over as if … Continue reading

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Puffins Are Actually Mammals (you didn’t know that?)

Mark’s puffin is inside his shirt, nursing! This morning, there was a whole lot of inter-class nursing going on.  At our house, evidently, puffins are mammals.  And don’t try to tell Ellie they’re not. “Why” questions are still incomprehensible to … Continue reading

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The Four-Month Change – It’s Not You, It’s Your Baby’s Brain

Four months is a time of really major change for most babies.  It’s the end of the “fourth trimester” as each baby emerges from the newborn “eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep” phase and enters real life.  Ellie threw us (but … Continue reading

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One More Time and Then No More (after 1,459 days)

Ellie turns four on Monday. Early in the summer, we started talked to Ellie about weaning and she declared to us that when she was four, she wasn’t going to have nursing anymore.  Frankly, I’ve been ready for her to … Continue reading

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Nursing For Two (at sixteen months)

I last wrote a post about tandem nursing when Mark was five weeks old.  Since then, I’ve written many of them in my head while nursing, “Nursing for Two (at 8 months) (at 11 months) (etc., etc., etc.,)” but somehow … Continue reading

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Why “Eat, Play, Sleep” Doesn’t Work For Me (and our kids)

A fairly common piece of parenting advice for new moms (particularly when their babies are newborns), is that their babies should be on an “Eat, Play, Sleep” schedule.  They should nurse, then have awake time, then fall asleep on their … Continue reading

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Nursing – The Perfect Travel Food

to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week 2013 at a park in Arlington, VA, 8/4/2013 Traveling with a baby can be stressful.  Routines are disrupted and environments are unfamiliar.  We recently spend two weeks in Montana, a trip that involved a long … Continue reading

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