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Some family comments from my students

This is from L – she’s in 6th grade and is from Honduras.  She wrote these sentences the day that Mom came to my class and answered questions from my students.  (These are her exact words and spelling and numbering.) … Continue reading

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My plane ticket

My plane ticket is purchased – to the sorry tune of $658.50!  I found a ticket for $520 but I would have had to fly into and out of Dulles and that is a HUGE pain.  So I decided the … Continue reading

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Mom’s gone…

Boo hoo hoo.  It’s a good thing that Rachel is coming in two weeks!

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Our Adventures so Far

Hey everyone!  Mom and I are having a good time, other than the fact that I got laryngitis and really couldn’t talk at all yesterday – above a whisper.  So it’s made for some interesting conversations! On Thursday, I had … Continue reading

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My Chalkboard Sentence

I couldn’t get the fancy code to work but here’s what the quiz (from Meggan’s blog) said that I would have to write on the chalkboard: I will not blame my farts on the dog (Like on Jack?)

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Mom is Here!

She’s here and I have to go to school today and probably won’t be home until around 3:45.  So if you think of it, call her to keep her company! I’m taking tomorrow off and we’re going to the Eastern … Continue reading

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If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

We all know it to be true right?!  Well, now there’s evidence to prove it!  And there’s evidence to prove that when Mama is happy (or isn’t depressed), her kids are happier too.  (“New research shows that treating the depression … Continue reading

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I rested

I had a nice afternoon but unfortunately, now I seem to be coming down with a cold.  So Mom, make sure to take some echinacea before you get here!

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For Jon and Leah

(and the rest of you if you’re interested) Here’s a link to what looks like the tourism website for the Giant’s Causeway.  It’s gorgeous!  It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. (It’s in Northern Ireland and was absolutely my … Continue reading

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The MSA is the Maryland State Assessment.  It’s the No Child Left Behind required test that all kids in the state of Maryland have to take.  (Every state has something equivalent to it).  This week and next are our testing … Continue reading

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