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Far away but not forgotten

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!! (We will enjoy the Acropolis in your honor tonight!)

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We’re here!

We arrived safely in Greece and are enjoying a first day of getting used to the time zone and the weather, and resting up.  We’re also trying to rest my foot to prepare it for lots of walking!  Right now, … Continue reading

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My Good News!

I should be packing… I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that I don’t have to wear the horrible ugly and not that comfortable shoe anymore!  I think I’ll keep wearing it until after the plane ride is … Continue reading

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Gardening Update

At last – I’m finally making time to put on these pictures from our yard and garden!  I really should be packing for Greece because we leave in less than 24 hours.  Yikes!!  Anyway, here they are! So we went … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday

Almost Evenly Divided by Emma Suarez-Baez My life almost evenly divided 17 ½ years Puertorican 20 ½ years New Yorker I’ve lost a land that felt mine flamboyanes, canarias going to the bank con papi learning to cook like mami … Continue reading

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Nik’s sandwiches for all of next school year! (hopefully)

On Thursday morning, Nik and I drove to: When we got there, we worked in the hot sun for almost 2 hours to pick 13 pounds of   I don’t know farm laborers do it.  I was exhausted for the … Continue reading

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Another chapter of my life is finished

Last Wednesday, June 11, 2008, I had to say good bye to my school.  It was sad.  I had spent the week before packing, while my kids worked on projects. All I can say it, thank heavens for projects.  I … Continue reading

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I didn’t recognize his bald head!

That’s right – I didn’t recognize Ryan because of his bald head (and the mustache)!  Ryan was just deployed to the Middle East and his flight took him through Baltimore with about a 24 hour layover.  So Nik and I … Continue reading

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I guess plants need sunlight!

So all this winter, I’ve had a creeping charlie next to our TV in our living room, on the other side of the room from the windows.  I knew it wasn’t thriving but I didn’t really have anywhere else to … Continue reading

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CSA 6.14.08

This week’s haul – green leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce (1 head each), 1.5 pounds of snow peas (which Nik and I spent three hours picking), .8 pounds of sugar snap peas, oregano (which I picked while Nik was … Continue reading

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