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We are like Dwarfs

We are like dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants and so able to see more and see farther than the ancients. Bernard of Chartres, 12th century From Wikipedia     The 13th century stained glass of the south transept of … Continue reading

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The Joys of Living Near A University

1.  Loud frat parties (thankfully, usually far up the street from us) 2.  Relatively cheap entertainment – plays, concerts, lectures, etc.  (not that I take advantage of it that often.) 3.  Extremely crowded streets with students parking everywhere.  (Leah, hence … Continue reading

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I’m legal (almost)

I have a new windshield and they even managed to salvage my neighborhood parking permit off of the old one.  Tonight, I mailed in my application for a new year tag for my license plate.  So once it comes and … Continue reading

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The FANTASTIC news!!!

So the even greater news is that my windshield is really only going to be $152.45 to replace!!!!!!!  I got a better quote today and so I scheduled it.  They’re coming to school tomorrow, I paid by credit card and … Continue reading

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The good news

The good news is that my windshield will probably only be about $240 to get replaced and they can come and do it while I’m at school.  The other good news is that it’s only $5 to replace my registration … Continue reading

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Plants Galore

What I did today: Planted 11 containers (8, 10, and 12 inch terra cotta round pots and one long rectangle) for my back porch, one pot of baby tears and one pot of nicotiana to take to school, two ivy … Continue reading

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High School Re-Acquaintance

A few weeks ago, David Bowler was in the Baltimore area for business.  I met him and a couple of his friends to see a play, Assassins by Steven Sondheim, in a suburb of DC.  I would highly recommend it … Continue reading

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Miss! Your sister?

Many of my kids were wondering where Rachel was today.  I guess they thought she was cool and were expecting (hoping) that she’d come back today.    One boy asked me if she lived with me.  I had to say, … Continue reading

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Because the Lord knows I don’t receive many compliments…

I got these two today: From Liz during 3rd period – “Miss, I like your shirt because your eyes is color blue!!” [accompanied by smiles, raising of eyebrows, and nodding of head] From a random guy driving by in a … Continue reading

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