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Happy Birthday Rachel!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear sister! Happy Birthday to you! **Slight side note:  You know you live in Alaska when…you go flying for a day, come back, go to get in your dad’s car … Continue reading

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“Miss! Why did you do it? Why?”

Just one of the varied reactions that I got today.  Others included: “Miss!  I like it!” “You look good.” “Beautiful!” I have very nice students!And what were they commenting on? Just the transformation from this: To this:   (With a … Continue reading

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Work? What’s that?

Poor me.  I actually had to put on respectable clothes, make my lunch, and work for four and a half whole hours today.  I am exhausted!  Work is hard work! We finally went back to school today.  The date on … Continue reading

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Random news

1.  Yes, it did finally stop snowing.  Yes, they are calling for another storm on President’s Day but it’s supposed to be small, thankfully.  And yes, maybe we’ll finally go back to school on Tuesday. 2. The official total for … Continue reading

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It’s Official

We’re getting a 10-day weekend – two weekends, 5 snow days and President’s Day.  For the record, I’m tired of snow days.  One or two here or there are pretty fun.  But 5?  In a row?  Frankly, I’m kinda tired … Continue reading

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More snow is a’coming

Another storm is on the way – coming in tomorrow afternoon with the potential for 8-10″ (and some even saying 20″).  They’ve already canceled school for Tuesday and Wednesday, too.So Nik is, as I’m writing this, in the process of … Continue reading

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“My Crunchy Granola Girl Experiment”, Part 2B – The End

I started this series, “My Crunchy Granola Girl Experiment” back in October. Here’s part one introducing the topic. Here’s Part 2A about why I stopped using commercial shampoo. And finally, the part that you all have actually been wanting to … Continue reading

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Channeling Annie

The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…except that it happened today! One last “during the storm” picture On a walk (they must have reconsidered cleaning off their car!) Proof of how much snow we got – this is not from shoveling, just … Continue reading

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Division of Labor

Nik is shoveling.  I’m baking my way through the storm.  I’m definitely getting the easy end of the deal. (Farmgirl Susan’s Oatmeal Toasting Bread and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies)The snow has finally slowed down although it’s still snowing quite a bit.

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Living Biblically

It’s pretty hard to obey the 10th commandment when your neighbor owns a snowblower (or at least your neighbor has a friend who owns a snow blower).(See Nik and our neighbor in action?  And note the other driveway – the … Continue reading

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