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Tax Return

I was determined to file my tax return in February – so I did, a whole four hours before it turns into March.   Nothing like putting off things until the last minute.  (And nothing like e-file to make it possible … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (a note especially for those of you whose churches may not be all that focused on the church calendar).  Not that mine has mentioned it much either this year.  Anyway, I think I’m going to go … Continue reading

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My [Tentative] Summer Plans

So here’s my summer plans. School ends – June 16th! 🙂 Fly to MT and hang out with Dad – June 21-27 Back home to enjoy being on vacation in Baltimore – maybe go to the beach? ASP 30th Anniversary … Continue reading

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Racism, Culture Clash, Poverty – I need a chick flick!

I’ve had a quite a weekend of confronting much of the sadness of race relations and poverty in Baltimore and our country – through two movies: 1.  Glory Road 2.  Boys of Baraka (This is a independent documentary about a … Continue reading

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I love you my dear family! 

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Four Things

Since I don’t have to go to school tomorrow and have some time to waste, here’s my answers! I’ve been tagged by leahrachelle Four Jobs You’ve Had: 1.  AVAK – including maid, gift shop attendent, and the Maxi-Mart.  Have to … Continue reading

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I have a day off!  Yippee Yippee Skippy!!  Now – what do to with my time? EDIT:  (Obviously what I’ve done with my time is post a silly “4s” thing from Leah.   So now I’m turning off my computer … Continue reading

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Ginger-Fuji Apple Chutney

On my snow day (which is sadly a Sunday and not a Monday), I thought I’d post this recipe for Ginger-Fuji Apple Chutney that Kristen and I made last week.  We ate it with pork steaks and roasted sweet potatoes.  … Continue reading

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Our First Snow in Two Months

Well, we had two months with no snow and an average January high of 51.  We finally got a storm last night – it’s about time! Here’s the Sun’s article about it.  I had a little dinner party last night … Continue reading

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Brokeback to the Future?

So for all you TV-less households out there (that would be me and Meggan I guess), here’s a hilarious link to another NPR story about satire movie trailers.  Just listening to them today on NPR was pretty funny!  For example, … Continue reading

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