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It’s Been A Great Nine Years!

Nine years ago today, I wore this dress. (after wearing this dress, of course) and today (with no prompting from me, I promise), Ellie asked to try on this dress: And then Marko wanted part of the silly action: And … Continue reading

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Our 8-year-old Marriage, as seen in our 8-year-old Yard

Today, Nik and I are celebrating eight years of marriage.  Over the past four years, I’ve commemorated our anniversary here on the blog by expressing our thankfulness for Ellie (year #4), by announcing our pregnancy with Mark (year #5), by … Continue reading

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Final Update – Financial February

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s the middle of March.  And yes, I know I never managed to actually update how we were doing on our financial February goals.  But, better late than never right?  So here’s the final update: … Continue reading

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February’s Theme “Finances”

So our (and this time, it truly is “our”!) theme for the month of February is: FINANCIAL FEBRUARY (first person to name that literary technique wins a prize) Here’s our list of goals.  (I’ve made them deliberately vague because they … Continue reading

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Fun at the State Fair

A big horse: And a little one: One tired mama (we actually saw another mama pig giving birth.  Those piglets sure do shoot out quickly!!) Our friends Tim and Sharla and Annaliese (from covenant group) – we had the fun … Continue reading

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