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Have a lot of green tomatoes?

Does your dining room table look like this?  (That would be 5 pounds of green tomatoes, along with a huge bok choy, 2 1/2 pounds of chard, and eggplants if you’re curious.) Then make this! Here’s the link to Farmgirl … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Noah!  We love you!From Auntie Laura and Uncle Nik

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Not Poetry Thursday

I’m fresh out of poems for this week (unlike Mom who has a beautiful fall poem up) but here’s a link to a very interesting story by Dana Stabenow, who is a nationally known Alaska author.  It’s a pretty interesting … Continue reading

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The advice request part

I decided that other entry was too long so I’m putting the request in a separate entry.  If you haven’t already, go read the entry underneath this with all the pictures and then come back. So here’s what I need. … Continue reading

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Advice wanted

Hi everyone.  I know I’ve been fairly absent from the blogging world.  It just seems like there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Plus, I have this perfectionist streak in me that doesn’t want … Continue reading

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You know the scene in “Finding Nemo” where they break the filter in the aquarium?

That’s just about what Dillingham’s water looked like until about 15 minutes ago.  It’s a wonder he’s still alive.  Although my care of him doesn’t show it, I do really love having a goldfish and I’m glad he’s the centerpiece … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday

NorthBay, A Haiku by me We dug up some mud We counted lots of bivalves Where are the mussels?

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The trouble with statistics…

…is that there’s too many of them. Today, I got to go out on a boat with another group of boys, this time with my ESOL students. We also were looking for clams and the educator for this group said … Continue reading

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Dan can ski?!?

So today I was sitting in “North Bay Live” which is the character education component of North Bay that’s also tied in with what the kids are learning with their environmental ed classes during the day. And they played this … Continue reading

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A busy week

I’m going to North Bay (where Dan Gerding used to work) to hang out with my school’s 6th graders from Wednesday through Friday.  I’m not exactly looking forward to hanging out with 86 6th graders for 2 1/2 solid days … Continue reading

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