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In Alaska

We’re in Alaska now.  Nik has started a Flickr set for our trip.  Check it out. There’s just a few pictures so far, but we’ll add more later. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  KALA HRISTOUYENA!!!

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Two great recipes

These noodles are my new favorite recipe.  I’m putting the recipe on here now so that maybe Meggan and I can make them when we finally get to Alaska.  For everyone else, try them!  They’re so good! Peanut Noodles with … Continue reading

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We’re sorry but your flight is cancelled and besides, United doesn’t fly to Anchorage any more!

Nik put his credit card in the check-in machine and it said, “Please pick up the phone to call the help line – it’s too late to check in.”  “What?  Too late to check in?  But we’re 1 1/2 hours … Continue reading

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For a little laugh

Check out this video, Chinese Food on Christmas.  The song was written by a guy who teaches at a Jewish high school in Baltimore.  You’ll even see a few Baltimore landmarks if you watch carefully – even the Senator Theater … Continue reading

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What it all boils down to…

…is applesauce!  (And you thought that I was finally going to have a serious blog for once.  Gotcha!)  The weekend before Thanksgiving, I was at the Farmers’ Market and found a really great deal on apples – about $.33 per … Continue reading

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Everything’s fine

Thanks for praying, everyone!  The appointment went really well – it only took about 20 minutes.  He listened to my story, did a few basic “is your brain OK” tests – such as making me touch my finger to my … Continue reading

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I’m going to the neurologist tomorrow to get one final check up for my fainting episode last week.  My doctor wants to rule out seizures although she’s very sure that it’s not.  So, I’m not too worried but your prayers … Continue reading

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The initial verdict

It’s good! Not like normal pumpkin pie (the pumpkin is in big chunks) but still tastes good.  Nik is reserving final judgment for when it cools down!

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Local or organic?

Nik found this interesting article the other day.  Which is better?  Local vs. organic?  Is local the new organic?  It’s worth the longish read – definitely food for thought. 

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Pumpkin pie in a pumpkin?

I read a random snippet about how pumpkin pie first started because the Pilgrims poured milk, sugar, and spices into a pumpkin and roasted the whole thing over the fire.  The next time I was at the farmers’ market, I … Continue reading

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