Our First Parade!

The first weekend in April, we had the fun of marching in the Maryland Greek Independence Day Parade.  Nik’s dad, Panayiotis, was the Grand Marshal!

After he took care of his Grand Marshal duties at the beginning of the parade, he came back to march with us, the Macedonian Association of Maryland.

038 (800x533)IMG_2213 (600x800)IMG_2218 (800x600) IMG_2215 (800x600)  061 (800x533) 042 (800x533)that’s me, using my “Miss Teen of Alaska 1994” perfect pageant wave!

The day was gorgeous but windy and chilly.  So we got to sport our warm coats and glamorous shades!

IMG_2220 (600x800)Ellie said Mark was the “bluest boy in the parade” because he had on blue shoes and socks, blue pants and shirt, a blue coat, and blue sunglasses!

IMG_2219 (600x800)070 (800x533)I made those matching flowers for Nikki (Nik’s sister-in-law) and me from fabric Nik’s mom brought for me from Greece. 🙂

Luckily, our slot was near the beginning of the parade so we got to watch most of it from the end. Here’s a few shots from the rest of the parade.

parade074 (800x533)food truck!

069 (800x533)077 (800x533)Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner party, which included some singing from the grand marshal himself and lots of cousin Greek dancing, which was, of course, super fun.

099 (800x533) 086 (533x800) 083 (800x533)I made Ellie a dress for the occasion from the same blue/white polka dots from Greece and a cute bird print.  Lots of ruffles makes her heart happy!

107 (521x800) 108 (800x533)

It sure is great to be Greek!

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