May/June Sewing: A Bag For Me (and I’m already planning its replacement)

I finally let myself work on a project for myself and had a lovely time sewing this little bag.  My beloved Tabitha purse finally wore out and has joined our other play purses.  I need something for those rare times when I’m going out by myself and don’t want to lug around a big diaper bag.  Having just sewn this bag for my friend, I decided to make myself one too.  I had been saving the print fabric for myself since our summer 2013 trip to Montana. The blue duck cloth was left over from Katie’s diaper bag – a perfect match! I felt like it needed a little oomph though and so paired it with Kona Coral.

025 (427x640)I wanted more of the leaves, so I added some for fun to the bottom of the straps.

026 (640x427)

I also changed the construction of the bag (to facilitate adding interior pockets and so had to add a strip of binding to the bottom of the quilt.  I like the full coral border.

027 (640x427)In the interior, I added a small pocket for my keys as well as a pocket for my phone (which is almost too small – oops) and a larger pocket for other stuff.  On the outside, I also added Velcro to one of the smaller pockets.

028 (640x427) 029 (640x427) 030 (640x640)

Now that I’ve been using it for about a week, I have a few complaints about its functionality/design and some ideas for how to fix it.  So I just might relegate this one to library book duty and make another one soon.  In the meantime, though, I am enjoying using it and I do love the color combination!

Thanks to the Purl Bee for the tutorial!

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