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Happy Birthday Meggan!

Happy Birthday Meggan!!We love you very much!  (Just like Eric does!)    

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Oregon Pictures

Hello everyone!  Zona and others have requested Oregon pictures. And they will come eventually, I promise.  It’s just that there’s this little thing called school.  And yeah, it started for teachers on Monday and the kids come next Monday.  So … Continue reading

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Isn’t Maybe cute?

Our friends have a very cute dog named Maybe.  He’s in a contest to win at least $500, which will help Ryan and Heather pay for the surgery he just had to have.  Ultimately, they could even win a million.  … Continue reading

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Some Scientific Evidence for a Secret Frustration of Mine

Sometimes I see babies at church sit in their infant car seats, aka “Baby Buckets” for the whole service and then sometimes through Sunday School too.  They get upset and their parents do their best to comfort them – while … Continue reading

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Home again, went away, and now home again (for now)

1. Off to England 2. Back again, home for 14 hours. 3. left for Dan Gerding’s wedding 4. was the wedding “I’m good at bossing people around” coordinator for the weekend. 5. The wedding started almost 30 minutes late (lost … Continue reading

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Kaitlyn Joy pictures (plus a few more)

Here’s a few pictures for the family!  I’m having a wonderful time here and can’t believe I have only one more day here.Don’t let this picture fool you – she was about to scream (and she’s in the dress from … Continue reading

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And I’m still awake!  I did it – no sleeping the whole day and I even held a sleeping Kaitlyn for quite a long time!  Jon did have to intervene a couple times and I also had to do some … Continue reading

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I’m here!

I’m safely arrived in Harpenden, having endured a 2 hour delayed take-off.  With a strong tail wind, we only landed an hour late but I still missed the first bus to St. Albans by 2 minutes.  So I had an … Continue reading

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