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Who is your everyday hero?

Describe someone in your life who is an everyday hero: “The person in my life who is an everyday hero is Mrs. B is my hero because she helps us learn more things.  And she tries to help us with … Continue reading

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Rachel and Alexander

We had a wonderful time with Rachel when she was here last week.  We did some wedding planning, some wedding registering and she came to school with me.  My kids are still asking about Rachel and wanting her to come … Continue reading

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Texting – from Mozambique

The technology that we have in this world is really just phenomenal – hard to comprehend actually.  Rachel sent me about 7 text messages today.  Including about 5 in the last 15 minutes (she didn’t think they were going through!).  … Continue reading

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Welcome baby Alexandra and baby Alexander!

A niece and a nephew in less than 24 hours.  We are blessed! (Andreas and Nikki’s baby was born 3 weeks early!  At 3:00 this morning!)

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A compliment

Here is a compliment that I received the other day.  This student has many challenges, to say the least.  I don’t teach him (I did last year) – I just have him in homeroom.  Anyway, to keep him calm, I … Continue reading

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Jasmine and jade

Here’s my birthday present from Nik!  Anyone have any tips for raising a jasmine plant inside?  I’m really excited to have one but the reading that I’ve done makes them sound pretty finicky – especially to get them to bloom.  … Continue reading

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Rachel and tea

We’re excited to see Rachel in just a few days!  And when she’s here, I just might make her some chai tea.  I just made some for myself and it’s good!  It’s actually sitting in the freezer, cooling down some … Continue reading

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I live in a different world.

I remember having a snowball fight on my birthday when we lived in the Fanchers’ house in Glennallen. Today, it was at least 90 degrees. The forecast for my birthday is 89 degrees. I’m not in Alaska anymore!

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Shotgun weddings and babies

Tonight I spent a very enjoyable 1 1/2 hours with Natalie, an adorable 18-month old little girl, at our covenant group.  It was my week to do childcare and so we hung out in the dining room.  She was really … Continue reading

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