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Happy 4th Birthday Addie!

We love you Addie! And here’s some birthday advice now that you’re four – Always remember to look both ways before crossing the street!

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Happy Birthday Ezra!

I know we’re a couple days late but… Happy 3rd Birthday Ezra! We love you!

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Not wanting to make any family members jealous…

Here are some pictures that aren’t of Ezra! Jonas was very brave and gentle, holding big bugs at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (and note the Greek kid in the background!): We were supposed to look serious.  One of … Continue reading

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Slightly over prepared? (June 2010)

Towards the end of June, I needed a no-thought sewing project.  So I used my flannel scraps and made 51 cloth diaper wipes.  Some of you may recognize some of the flannels!  I think I probably have enough to go … Continue reading

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Cloth Napkins (July 2010)

I managed to get 24 napkins made. 12 using this method (with a straight stitch rather than zig zag), which turned out beautifully but took forever and 12 using a simple “sew two pieces of fabric together, turn right side … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You

We had such a wonderful time with Eric and Meggan and the kids when they were here last week.  Such a wonderful time that it took me four days of long naps and early bedtimes to recover!  It was great … Continue reading

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They’re gone…

and it’s awfully quiet… and I’m a little lonely. Jonas started out “eating” his new cousin a lot but by this morning, he was “eating” Uncle Nik and kissing his new cousin. Progress, I’d say!

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They’re here!

Eric and Meggan, Noah, Selah, Jonas, and Ezra arrived on Friday night!  We picked them up at the airport in DC in our friends’ massive Ford Excursion.  I felt like I was back in the Judge family Suburban days!  When … Continue reading

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For three years in a row, I had my students answer this prompt as part of a test at the end of a past tense unit: Write a paragraph telling  the story of how you think Mrs. B and Mr. … Continue reading

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More Thinking

A compelling argument here for “Breastfeeding as Worship.”  More things for me to think on as this little baby inside of me insists on making himself/herself known by moving all the time!

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