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In lieu of poetry on this Thanksgiving Thursday , I thought I’d share a few reasons why I’m thankful, from the past few months: Projects begun and finally finished (like the driveways and mopping all the wood floors in the … Continue reading

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This is just to say…

that I miss my family in the blog world.  I didn’t realize how much I depended on hearing from you all until now that we’ve been silent for a few days.  I miss you!  I know, I should probably just … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday – The “I actually remembered” edition

. Dogs and Weather Winifred Welles I’d like a different dog For every kind of weather – A narrow greyhound for a fog, A wolfhound strange and white, With a tail like a silver feather To run with in the … Continue reading

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WFM Wednesday

So, this is my first time attempting to join a blog carnival of any kind.  I thought I’d join in on Rocks in My Dryer’s “What Works For Me Wednesday” with a holiday theme. This year, Nik and I are … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Drew! (I think?  I didn’t know it was your birthday!)

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Poetry Thursday

There was an Old Man in a Boat by Edward Lear There was an Old Man in a boat, Who said, “I’m afloat! I’m afloat!” When they said, “No you ain’t” He was ready to faint, That unhappy old man … Continue reading

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A public service announcement

Nik and I are always looking for recommendations for good books to read.  Nik particularly enjoys good non-fiction while I tend towards the fictional side, although I enjoy non-fiction too.  So, here’s what I’m proposing.  Join Goodreads.  Put on your … Continue reading

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