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Welcome “Can’t Make Up Your Mind” March!

On Tuesday (March 1st), we went to the Walters Art Museum for an Art Kids class.  We had a great time and learned a lot although it was a bit of a stretch to find community helpers in the 17th … Continue reading

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The Voting Results You Should REALLY Care About

Ellie has finished her poll!  She wants you to know that there are no winners in her poll – only data, people, only data. Here’s her results in graphic form: when I asked her to smile for the camera when … Continue reading

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I’m on Instagram! What’s Next? Periscope?

This post has two pictures you missed if you aren’t yet following me on Instagram. This is my official announcement that I’ve finally given in and joined the crowd on Instagram. I had been resisting yet another way to waste … Continue reading

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Ellie Needs Your Help – Please Vote!

This morning, while I was trying to get our basement cleared out in preparation for some coming home renovation work, Ellie found a bag of farm animal manipulatives and asked to play the game that went with them.  So I … Continue reading

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The Last Playdate (sniff, sniff) (and a TOTALLY AWESOME way to keep kids occupied outside)

Just before our friends moved to Cambodia, the kids (who will be referred to by the initials P and I – as in the first letter of her first name and not an awkward way to refer to myself) came … Continue reading

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Sugar Snow, Ginny Helkenn’s Doughnuts, and No More Magical Childhood, EVER AGAIN

Yesterday, for preschool, we had what one would probably term a “magical childhood” experience.  We were supposed to have had this particular lesson close to a month ago but snow storms combined with illnesses meant lots of cancellations.  So, finally, … Continue reading

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A REALLY Big Whale

For our second year, my friend Emily and I are doing a homeschool-preschool co-op for our kids.  (Somehow, I don’t think I’ve blogged about this at all but it’s been a great part of our week for the past year … Continue reading

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Up, Up, and Away!

This month’s preschool theme is “Things That Go” so for our field trip, we went to the airport!  First, we went inside the terminal to the observation gallery.  Although we tried to interest them in the action outside (i.e. loading … Continue reading

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So About That Unschooling Thing? (and my new blog money making scheme)

A few months ago, I wrote about our approach to Ellie’s (and Mark’s) education – basically ignoring it.  About a month later, Nik, Ellie, and Mark were sitting outside enjoying a unseasonably warm December afternoon when Ellie asked to draw.  … Continue reading

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Our Experiment In Ignoring Ellie’s Education

Unlike most everyone else I know, we are deliberating avoiding teaching Ellie about letters, or numbers, or words, or writing, or anything else related to academics.  It’s not that we’re  cavalier or careless about her education.  It’s just that all … Continue reading

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