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Lest the Blog Silence Be Interpreted as, “The Baby Has Come,”

Let it be known that he or she has not.  I guess he or she just wanted a 2013 birthday. Happy New Year!

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Embracing the Nesting

There’s no way the baby is ever going to come out with dirty couches right?  So as long as I’m vacuuming the living room to get rid of the Christmas tree needles, I might as well rotate the couch cushions … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas 2012: Doll Carrier for Ellie

The pattern for this doll carrier is in the same book as the doll pattern that I used to make Ellie’s doll.  I’ll be wearing our new baby a lot so I figured that Ellie might want to wear her … Continue reading

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December Sewing: Fun With Flannel

For my last couple projects that I sewed before packing up my sewing machine, I made almost six dozen more cloth wipes for us and a baby blanket for one more friend who’s having a little girl.  That means I’ve … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas 2012: Outdoor Fun

For Nikki, Alex, and Luke, I made them presents to help enhance their fun times outdoors.  (Don’t worry – Andreas got an exercise-themed present too – just not handmade!) For Nikki, a cushion to help make watching all those soccer … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas 2012: Baby Gabe’s First Christmas Ornament

Like last year, I made a little birdie to celebrate my little sister’s son’s first Christmas.  I’ve made several of these so far but this is the first time I’ve made one for a boy.  It was fun to use … Continue reading

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Cross That Kitchen Off The List

Well, no baby in sight so today I took everything out of all our kitchen cupboards/drawer and pantry, washed them inside and out, tossed/gave away stuff we don’t need/use any more, threw out outdated spices, reorganized, and generally gave myself … Continue reading

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