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Voting for Noah

I realize that there are very few readers of my blog (since I have very few readers anyway!) who don’t read Meggan’s blog but if you don’t and this is a new posting to you, please go here and give … Continue reading

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At the risk of using an old, sad cliche (that my kids certainly wouldn’t understand)

I hope I’m not beating a dead horse when I say that, “I LOVE MY AIR CONDITIONING!”

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The Beach

Here’s a few pictures from our trip to Assateague Island National Seashore a week ago Friday (the 18th): Here’s proof that ponies really do live on the island! (In my opinion, one of the coolest things about going to Assateague … Continue reading

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…has informed me that he no longer plays Super Mario Brothers Star Catcher that much anymore.  Instead, he prefers space alien shooting games because he likes space better.  Meggan – what kind of good pacifist Mennonite child are you raising?  … Continue reading

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My phone and school and a movie

My cell phone is back (actually they sent me a new one) and my life is way easier.  It’s nice not to be totally isolated in my [AIR CONDITIONED] room. My classroom is at least 16 million times better than … Continue reading

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Imminent Doom

T-minus 8 1/2 hours and counting.  Boo hoo hoo.  (In general, however, I’m having a great time in the rest of my life so school starting isn’t all that bad! )

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Today is my four year anniversary of moving to Baltimore. That is a long time.

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