Finish Up Friday: 2015 Edition – Look! Ellie’s Doll Has Hair!

In January/February 2014, I had a very productive two months as I held my “list of shame” up for public view, keeping you updated as to how I was doing with all my unfinished sewing projects.

I had good intentions of doing the same for February 2015 but here we are, halfway through February and this is my first “Finish It Up” post.  Although you haven’t know about it, even the threat of doing this has been good for me. I do have some finishes to report along with a long list of work still yet to be done.

First – the real list of shame:

The [So Close to Being Done] List of WIPs (as of 3/14/14) – down from 15!

  1. Ellie’s doll hair
  2. dining room Roman shades
  3. hem new corduroy pants

Of those three things, only two of them have been finished in the last eleven months.  Ellie’s doll hair, I did indeed finish last spring.  My new corduroy pants? I hemmed them this morning. (Nothing like the threat of confessing abject failure to get something done!) But, why oh why can I not find he will power to finish those shades?!?!

008 (640x426)Our rule for Baby’s hair is “always in a pony tail or pigtails”, otherwise, I know the yarn would get trashed.  It’s held up pretty well so far.

009 (640x427)bangs! 🙂

Here’s another finish I can cross off my list already – one more pillowcase for Mark.

007 (640x427) (2)trains to match his boy blanket

Now that I’ve made myself feel better by telling you what I have accomplished recently, here’s the list of projects I need to finish.

The List (as of 2/13/2015)

  1. Mark’s doll hair, because yay! The doll is done!006 (640x427) (2)a sneak preview of the doll (who is nursing), sans hair. 
  2. fix my tank top (or throw it out if it’s not fixable)
  3. quilt the table runner that I almost finished last spring
  4. fix the living room shade for our new door
  5. fix the office shade that just keeps breaking
  6. finish the dining room shades that I have been avoiding for 3 YEARS

Once I do all of that, here’s what I really want to be sewing this year:

  1. A big-girl quilt for Ellie. She wants rainbows.  (She’s outgrown her first quilt. Sniff!)
  2. backpack for Mark (poor neglected second child)
  3. four more crayon rolls, for Mark and presents
  4. apron for Mark (like Ellie’s)
  5. a surprise project for a special friend of ours
  6. hot pads for us (like Mom’s) (and a blog tutorial)
  7. manager ornament (and a blog tutorial)
  8. tutorial for the felt string of Christmas lights
  9. Ellie’s Easter dress
  10. headbands for Ellie
  11. napkin rings for our table
  12. bath towel capes for Ellie and Mark
  13. clothes for me (particularly I want to take a Craftsy class that I purchased recently, about altering patterns, which will result in a new summer dress for me)
  14. purse for me because my Tabitha bag is just about worn out

And if I get all of that done between now and two years from now, it will be a miracle. 🙂

P.S. You may notice that what is not on either list above is Ellie’s “to be finished after Christmas” Christmas present.  I showed her the book recently with the project I wanted to make for her (a hooded play cape) and she told me quite definitively that she doesn’t want one of those things.  So, there you go.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t able to finish it (or even start it) before Christmas!

And I meant to linke up with Finish It Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts but I forgot to do it. I’ll be back next Friday to let you know how I’m doing!

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7 Responses to Finish Up Friday: 2015 Edition – Look! Ellie’s Doll Has Hair!

  1. janaliebermann says:

    Love love love Ellie’s doll’s hair! Cute!

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