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Our 8-year-old Marriage, as seen in our 8-year-old Yard

Today, Nik and I are celebrating eight years of marriage.  Over the past four years, I’ve commemorated our anniversary here on the blog by expressing our thankfulness for Ellie (year #4), by announcing our pregnancy with Mark (year #5), by … Continue reading

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Mushroom Magic

Last week, the kids and I were walking to our park and I spotted this lovely thing on our neighbor’s corner. Over the past few years, Nik and I have loved being a part of a group called the Baltimore … Continue reading

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Something Totally Foreign to Alaskan Eyes

This fascinates me every year so I’m sharing pictures for my Alaska family.  I don’t remember ever seeing rhubarb bloom at home and rhubarb grows everywhere!  Here, it bolts almost immediately after it starts growing in the spring.  You have … Continue reading

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Babies and Redbuds

Every year, we take a picture with our kids and our redbud tree, on or around April 19th.  Here’s 2011’s pictures, here’s 2012’s, and because I forgot to post them the last two years (poor Mark), here are three more … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring – Some Creepy, Some Cute

Ellie has finally admitted that “real spring” is here.  To her, spring means that she gets to wear tank tops and shorts because it’s really warm.  Spring does not mean “Yay, things are starting to grow!”  So, despite my best … Continue reading

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A bit of an Ellie and Mark Fix

A boy with his bunny and an obsession with looking outside on the off chance he might see trucks or buses or any other thing that goes: Mark proudly inspecting the fruits of our garden from last week: Cuddle love!Mark’s … Continue reading

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First Fig of the Summer! Opa!

Our fig trees were killed back almost to the ground by last winter’s crazy cold and snow.  Now, thankfully, they’re growing great and last week we found one ripe fig!  Ellie, Nik, and I enjoyed it greatly although Ellie was … Continue reading

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Special Striped Visitors

My poison ivy is much better!  Thanks to you all for your kind wishes, prayers, and advice.  I still have some crazy looking spots on my arms but they don’t bother me anymore.  Poison ivy and I are keeping a … Continue reading

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Dear Poison Ivy: How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

I got into some poison ivy in our yard on Friday, 8/22.  Here’s my hate letter to it.  It references a few gross aspects of poison ivy, which you may or may not enjoy reading. Dear Poison Ivy: How do … Continue reading

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Treehugger, Etc.

Mark’s new obsession (and developmental milestone): building towers! so proud of himself! his preferred building location? definitely the window sill Ellie’s current obsession: making “salad”, i.e. cutting hundreds of tiny bits of fabric and paper.  She spent close to two … Continue reading

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