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A Word From Our Honeymoon

St. John was amazing!  We love snorkeling! We’re in Tortola now and will be home in a few days!!  Love to you all! Love,  Laura B

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The Last “We’re Engaged” Post


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God’s grace through a cell phone company

So Monday night, I discovered that although I was only halfway through my billing cycle, I had already used up all my cell phone anytime minutes as well as the rollover minutes that I had left, as well as going … Continue reading

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Some letters

My kids are practicing writing letters this week.  Today and tomorrow, they are writing letters to Rachel in response to the letter she wrote to them.  They think this is very fun!  Yesterday, they wrote a short letter to me … Continue reading

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Less than two weeks!!

We are so close!  Nik is away this weekend, camping with his friends for his bachelor party.  I have been attempting to accomplish way too much.  One thing I did get done is buy bridesmaid shoes!  The stripes are even … Continue reading

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This weekend

Thursday night, I had the surprise of my life – RACHEL CAME FOR MY BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I suppose the whole family was in on the surprise but I certainly wasn’t!!  And the second best surprise of the evening was that … Continue reading

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