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Finish Up Friday: 2015 Edition, Update #2 – FIVE Shades of Grey (gray?)!

In an effort to redeem a lovely color from the exploitation and awfulness being perpetuated under its banner, this week, I present to you, “Five Shades of Grey.” (As, always, my debate is “gray” or “grey”?) What I accomplished this … Continue reading

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Seven Essential Tools for Making Bread

Over the next few weeks, I have several bread/baking recipes to share with you, including 100% whole wheat sourdough bread, soaked bagels, and sourdough rolls.  In order to make those recipes, you’ll need a few tools.  Because recently I’ve been … Continue reading

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“My Go Pee!” (he does! on the potty!)

(If you don’t like reading about pee and poop, you should stop reading right here.) One week before Mark turned two, we decided that it was finally time for him to learn how to pee on the potty.  We’d been … Continue reading

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At Last A Bit Of Real Winter!

As you probably know, we finally had a real storm this weekend! Hooray for winter! Here’s a couple shots from Saturday. Ellie = mad at me for making her stay outside even one more second to take a picture after … Continue reading

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Ellie’s First Photo Shoot (as the photographer)

Earlier this week, we let Ellie use our good camera for the first time.  She was thrilled to be taking pictures.  Here’s what she took!

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Recipe-ish: How to Feed a Sourdough Starter

I’ll be posting a sourdough bread recipe soon but in order to make that bread, you need to know how to refresh sourdough starter. Here’s my method. Step 1: Get some sourdough starter.  This is easier than it sounds.  Anyone … Continue reading

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Finish Up Friday: 2015 Edition, Update #1 – I accomplished a few things! (Plus – THIS COLD!!)

Of course, I didn’t work on the dining room shades this week (did anyone really think that I would?) but I did sew a few other things. What I accomplished this week: I fixed my black tank top.  The strap … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Baby Jesus in the Manger (a felt ornament for your Christmas tree)

I realize it’s February but last fall was crazy, so you’re getting your annual Christmas ornament tutorial three months late.  Better late than never, right? This year, I decided that we should add a manger to the nativity scene that … Continue reading

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Brotherly Love – So Cute! (It didn’t last long.)

This morning, Mark gave Ellie a nice little hug just before breakfast. As usual, however, things got a little crazy… …and then they fell apart. Sibling love! It’s the best! 🙂

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The Four-Month Change – It’s Not You, It’s Your Baby’s Brain

Four months is a time of really major change for most babies.  It’s the end of the “fourth trimester” as each baby emerges from the newborn “eat, sleep, poop, eat, sleep” phase and enters real life.  Ellie threw us (but … Continue reading

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