Handmade Christmas 2015: Brown Mosaic for a Brown Kitchen

I did very little sewing for Christmas this year (as comparted to my insane production in years past) but did manage to sew a few things.  For Nik’s brother and sister-in-law, I sewed two hot pads. I used the same quilt-as-you-go technique as my mom’s, but this time, cut a bunch of 1.5-inch strips, sewed them into one long strip and then just looped them back and forth across the hot pads.  I like the random look this method created, without me having to decide about fabric placement (something that always takes me FOREVER). The only adjustment I made was to keep any seams from lining up directly next to each other.

005 (799x800)I though coffee beans were appropriate for a kitchen item!

006 (799x800)I sewed one on the diagonal for a little visual interest.

I backed them with this print,  which I originally had bought for but then discarded as a color book brown. When it’s next to other true browns, it reads too gray but is perfect for a backing!

007 (800x533)That’s a Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy reprint, in case you’re wondering.

I used just about every true monochromatic brown that I have in my stash, solid and print.  I added in that one print that’s more reddish-brown because their cupboards have a tinge of red in them.  I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  I especially didn’t want it to read, “fall”, and so left out a couple brownish-orange prints I had that looked beautiful in the stack, although it was hard to do so. (Can you telling choosing the fabric is one of my favorite parts of sewing?)

008 (800x533)


Hot pads for us (in black and white) are on my “Finish It Up Friday” 2016 list (which you’ll see on Friday). I’m planning to take some pictures as I make those so I can write up a tutorial for making these.  They’re so easy, beautiful, and useful too!

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