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Mark Doesn’t Like the Ravens Either (who, by the way, are NOT the world champions)

Mark is in the very fun phase where he’s always shaking his head no (although, obviously, he doesn’t know what he’s saying).  For some reason, he only does it when he’s sitting in his chair for meals.  I figured I … Continue reading

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Heading To New Heights

About a month ago, I walked out of our living room and found this: And yes, I grabbed the camera and took a picture before I moved him to safety. Quick, move the piano bench back over!!  As you may … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinners (all three of them!)

Ellie, Nik, and I all celebrate our birthdays in a two-week span in late September/early October.  Nik and I don’t generally give many (or any) gifts to each other but we do love good food!  So our birthday dinners are … Continue reading

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The Obligatory “Children in a Lot of Pumpkins” Pictures, Because It’s Fall!

(This is the best we got of Ellie by herself – not so into picture taking that night! :)) And a few outtakes: You are actually letting this girl hold me, on a table, with pumpkins?!?!?!?! Whee!!! “I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Mark Figures Out How To Climb

(and Mama starts having daily/hourly/minutely heart attacks) because why just climb into the chair if you can also climb higher to get Mama’s book? from 10/9/13  

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With My Apologies to Anyone Named Mark

For a few months now, I’ve been keeping a list of all the crazy puns I’ve been making just by using Mark’s name. I’ve been cracking myself up (and feeling a bit sorry for Mark and anyone else named Mark.)  … Continue reading

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Mark’s First Foods (A Baby-Led Weaning List)

Several people have asked me recently about what food exactly we feed Mark.  I haven’t blogged much (or at all) about Mark starting solid food.  I did with Ellie (you can find all those posts here) but somehow, so much … Continue reading

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KIOS: Grooming: An explanation for the long KIOS absence

This post is part of my series, “Kickin’ It Old Skool: Why and How We Are Old-Fashioned” or KIOS for short.  If you’re new to the series, please read my disclaimer before continuing on.  I’m keeping a table of contents … Continue reading

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A Few More Shots from Our Most Recent Family Photo Shoot

Don’t forget – here’s the imperfect ones! 🙂

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Both My Children Are Sleeping and I Don’t Know What to Do with Myself

Mark took a six minute morning nap so he’d already asleep for his second nap of the day. Ellie is sick (poor girl) and so she’s sleeping too. I’m sitting here not quite sure what to do with myself.  I’ve … Continue reading

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