June/July Sewing: Fabric Cards for Our Dear Friends

Recently, we tearfully said goodbye to a precious family who we knew through our church.  Their first-born, P, is just three months older than Ellie and the two of them have been friends essentially since they were born.  For the last two years, we did a homeschool preschool co-op together that was so much fun.  (Remember the really big whale?) Jacob recently accepted a job in Cambodia and so, last Tuesday, they took off for a 30-hour flight on the way to a really big new adventure!

I made two different cards for their friends to sign, as a way to put into permanence what their family has meant to all of us.

This one was from our Wednesday moms’ group at church, just for Emily.

025 (427x640) 026 (426x640)I love the stitching pattern on the back!

The other one I made for the whole family, and we let everyone (kids and all) sign it/draw in it at their going-away party last Sunday (a week ago).

023 (427x640)I thought they might like some home colors on this card – hence the red, white, and blue (and also the card starring in my 4th of July post.)

024 (640x427)pre-signing – you see in this one where I sewed in the papers for writing.

If you ever want to make a card like this yourself, here’s two tips:

  1. Use a glue stick to glue on each piece of fabric before you sew it on.  I didn’t do this with these cards and the shifting/bunching of the fabric made me wish that I had.
  2. Be sure to change your sewing machine needle after you’re done sewing the paper.  Paper really dulls sharp points and you’ll find that your needle won’t go through fabric as well afterwards.
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