Advent 2015: Concert, Bazaar, and Ornaments! (fall 2015 sewing)

This Saturday, 12/5 is our church’s annual Advent Concert and Bazaar.  Ellie and I both have minor parts in the concert: she’s singing in the first song and I have a spoken part later in the concert. Please come join us!

Seeing Ellie sing will probably be more cuteness than you can handle, but you should also head downstairs after the concert for our bazaar.  I’ve had a part in planning this and it’s going to be awesome! We’ve added a silent auction, where, among other items, you can bid on canning lessons from me or tennis lessons from Nik!

011 (800x800) 010 (800x533)

Along with the silent auction, there’s a huge bake sale and lots of handcrafted items for sale, including (for the sixth year running), handmade ornaments designed by me and sewn by me and the women of our church.

Here’s this year’s selection:

013 (800x800) (2)bell (designed by me, inspired by some Etsy postings I saw on Pinterest), candle and tacky Christmas sweater (both from Bugs and Fishes tutorials that no longer seem to be posted online [sad]), donkey (as part of our on-going nativity scene, one each year) (designed by me, inspired by this post, which is in a language I don’t understand!)

I’m planning to post a tutorial for that little donkey, as part of my Christmas tradition of posting a new ornament to make every year.

Please come join us on Saturday either at 3:00 or 7:00! (See this post for more details, including a great video plus find directions to our church here.)


For sale at the bazaar will also be these corn sacks, which I sewed back in November.  They’re fabulous for keeping cold toes warm in the winter! (You just heat them up in the microwave.) You should buy one!

IMG_1679 (800x800)


If you want to see the full collection of ornaments, here’s years #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 and #5.), We always sell them at our Advent Bazaar, supporting the mercy ministries at our church.

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