Handmade Christmas 2014: Retro Christmas Tree Lights For My Siblings

Continuing my “Christmas ornament” theme from the past couple years of presents for my siblings, this year I sewed everyone a string of retro Christmas tree lights.  I even managed to sew a string for our tree too!

015 (533x800)Thanks to our undecorated Christmas tree for modeling all five strings at once!

Each string is about five feet long with sixteen “lights”.

016 (800x533)And just how, you may be wondering, did I get all of this sewing done?  (A legitimate question, considering last week’s post.)  As my friends at Mom2Mom (the moms’ group at our church) will tell you, I did almost all the work during our discussions on Wednesday mornings.  My thanks to them for not complaining about my multitasking! 🙂018 (800x533)

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