Handmade Christmas 2014: Mark’s Color Book

I don’t know if anyone has actually ever used the color book tutorial that I wrote about 18 months ago.  I however, was really grateful that I’d done it because I used it myself when sewing this for Mark! I know how to do the basic process, of course, but the picky “which page to sew to which page” stuff I would have had to reinvent.  So, instead, I just followed my own instructions.

I trimmed the pages for this book to 8.5 inches (rather than the 8 in the tutorial) because I wanted to use a block or two from Patchwork City for the covers.  This made the book feel quite a bit bigger than Ellie’s book (which finished at about 7×7″), which I’m not sure I entirely like.  I think I like the smaller size better.  Nonetheless, I’m happy with how it turned out and Mark is walking around saying, “Mine. My color book,” so I guess he’s happy too! 🙂

001 (800x800)I ended up just doing a log cabin block for the front cover, because I really wanted to use the circle of prints, like the tutorial says to. 

014 (800x800)“Favorite Sweater” from Patchwork City (I”ll put my process pictures for this at the end of the post.  It was so easy, for looking so complicated!)

016 (800x533) (2)I love the “spine”!

At my mom’s request, here are each of the individual pages of the book (in order), so she (and you) can see all the fun fabrics I used.

003 (800x800) 004 (799x800)005 (800x534)I love that “groovy” made it in!  Plus “truck” is one of Mark’s favorite things!

006 (800x800) (2)See the forget-me-nots, Alaska’s state flower?

007 (800x800) 008 (800x800)009 (800x800) 010 (800x800) 011 (800x800) 012 (800x800)That hot pink flower in the middle is fireweed, for all you non-Alaskan readers! 🙂

013 (800x800)And in case you’d like to see the back cover in process, first you sew strips together off-set by one inch.

IMG_0525 (600x800)

Then you use the lines on your ruler to cut two strips from each set at a 45-degree angle; pin them, matching the lines; sew the strips together; and ta da! A really cool quilt block!

IMG_0527 (800x533)

(before trimming)

Mark, with his book!

160 (800x800) 168 (800x798)

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