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My Life, Under New Management

Two weeks ago, I went to a workshop led by one of the founders of Agile Learning Centers (ALC). The workshop was focused on learning how to use agile management tools in support of self-directed learning.  I’m in the process … Continue reading

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A New Thanksgiving Tradition

We certainly have some Thanksgiving traditions in our family.  I always make these pumpkin orange rolls, of course we eat cranbrosia, and we (for three years running now) braise our turkey for the most incredibly delicious and moist turkey you’ve … Continue reading

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Misappropriation of Party Planning and Preparation Time

Last Saturday afternoon, I had the fun of hosting a bridal open house (like a shower only with no presents involved) for one of my best friends.  I had allocated the day before (Friday) for house cleaning and food preparation, … Continue reading

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Folding Laundry (shades of “Journal of Best Practices”)

Here’s how I like to fold laundry, in my ideal world. First, I sort it into piles – Ellie, Mark, Nik, Laura, bath towels, sheets, kitchen (wash clothes, towels), napkins, etc.  (I didn’t do this initial step until I had … Continue reading

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Life Hack: Make Your Clean Space Attractive Enough to Motivate You to Keep It That Way

I love how our dining room table looks when it’s clean. Chairs pushed in and totally clear of clutter The vase was a Christmas present from Nik’s brother and sister-in-law.  I love the structural beauty of it so I leave … Continue reading

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KIOS: Grooming, Part 4: In Praise of Infrequent Flushing

This post is part of my series, “Kickin’ It Old Skool: Why and How We Are Old-Fashioned” or KIOS for short.  If you’re new to the series, please read my disclaimer before continuing on.  I’m keeping a table of contents … Continue reading

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When Principles Meet Nostalgia

Nik and I have some fairly strong convictions on what kind of toys we want to have in our house.  I blogged about this more extensively in this post.  Specifically, we decided that we didn’t want to have any plastic … Continue reading

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