Handmade Christmas 2014: Look! Two Presents for Ellie!

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts and prayers for me about my recent sorrow-filled post.  I probably shouldn’t allow myself to press publish when I’m tired and sad. I’m feeling much better now and the past couple days have been calmer.  Although I didn’t (and won’t) have time or materials to sew Ellie the present I’d hoped to sew her, last night I sewed two for her, in less than 90 minutes!  These are things that I’ve been meaning to make for her for awhile, just because she needs them.  So it feels a bit as if I’m giving her a vacuum cleaner or something else equally boring and prosaic rather than something fun.  Regardless, yesterday, when I asked her what color she would want the cover of her corn sack to be if she had her own, she immediately answered, “Brown!” Skeptical, I asked her again and then she said, “Pink and brown!”  I had already chosen the fabric for another pillowcase for her and it, providentially, was pink with brown accents.  So, ta da, a matching set!

001 (800x800) (2) 002 (800x533)

Now she’ll be warm and cozy for bedtime!

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