September Sewing: Ellie’s Birthday Dress

As is becoming my tradition, I made Ellie a dress for her birthday.  I found the fun paper boat fabric at a shop in Culpepper, VA when we were on our vacation in July.  I used the “Apple-picking Dress” pattern from Oliver+S.

031 (533x800)

The pattern has some fun details, such as a double-button placket (although only the first row of buttons is functional),

032 (800x533)

a bow at the neck (which we have to double-knot to keep Mark from untying),

033 (800x533)

bias-bound sleeves with the most adorable gathers ever,

034 (800x533)

and a full gathered skirt.  I chose the two-layer option.

035 (800x533)

Even with all that, it was a much easier dress to sew than her Montana and Easter dresses, which is a good thing because I’ve had hardly a minute to sew the past few weeks.  It’s fun to be getting quicker and better at sewing clothes! 🙂

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5 Responses to September Sewing: Ellie’s Birthday Dress

  1. Mom says:

    Darling dress!

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