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Happy Half Birthday!

Happy Half Birthday, Meggan and anyone else who happens to have been born on August 29th! We feel your “only have a half-birthday once every four years” pain.  It’s perhaps not quite as bad as the true leap year babies, … Continue reading

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Leap Year! Hooray! (#4)

Happy 8th Birthday Jon! We love you! We also thought you deserved four birthday posts on your real birthday (to make up for the next three years). Unfortunately, we’re out of pictures because sadly, we don’t see you enough.  So … Continue reading

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Leap Year! Hooray! (#3)

Happy 8th Birthday Jon! We love you! Thanks for being a great brother!

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Leap Year! Hooray! (#2)

Happy 8th Birthday Jon! We love you! “Hey Daddy!  Let me down from this tree!”

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Leap Year! Hooray!

Happy 8th Birthday Jon! We love you! Eight strikes me as a little young to have a 2-year old daughter but you are a great dad so I guess you’re making it work! 🙂

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Fancy, Fancy

Our dear friends from church, Elizabeth and her mother Paulette, gave us this beautiful, fancy dress not too long ago.  Ellie wore it for the first time on Sunday and I have to say, I was a bit conflicted.  Wow!  … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday My Dear Sister!

Happy Birthday Rachel! The fact that you are entering your mid-20’s definitely makes me feel old because that means I’m in my mid-30’s.  YIKES!! I love being a mama with you! Love, Your big sister

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Relaxing, Directing, and Playing

Here’s a little of what Ellie was up to yesterday: 1.  Relaxing on the bed, keeping Baba company after he got home from work: 2.  Letting me know in no uncertain terms that my book did not belong on the … Continue reading

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In Case You Were Wondering…

If you happen to live in my Papa and Granny’s old house and you happen to see a flock of penguins outside, it’s probably best that you don’t let them in your house and try to make them into pets … Continue reading

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KIOS: Parenting, Part 1: It’s All about Attachment

This post is part of my series, “Kickin’ It Old Skool: Why and How We Are Old-Fashioned” or KIOS for short.  If you’re new to the series, please read my disclaimer before continuing on.  I’m keeping a table of contents … Continue reading

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