June Sewing: Crayon Rolls Galore (as designed by Ellie)

A couple weekends ago, Ellie and I went on a bit of a sewing streak, and made up four of these little crayon rolls.  You can find my tutorial for them here.  What I forgot to show in that tutorial was the action shots.  So here there are!

001 - Copy (640x426) 002 - Copy (640x426) 003 - Copy (640x427) 005 - Copy (640x640)

Ellie chose these fabrics specifically for each recipient.  Here are the inside and outside of each one.

015 (640x427) 016 (640x427)And so you can appreciate fully the amount of “letting go” practice this collaboration afforded me, here is each one with the front and back together.

017 (640x427) 018 (640x427)I insisted on choosing the solid background for each one.  Otherwise, I think my head might have exploded with all the clashing. 🙂

Now, I just have to get my act together and get these delivered to their new owners!

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2 Responses to June Sewing: Crayon Rolls Galore (as designed by Ellie)

  1. Dani Blake says:

    I really love the plum fabric!

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