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Nik is at the beach this weekend with his friends.  He left yesterday morning.  They’ve been going to Drew’s parents’ beach house for at least four (maybe five or six) years now for both Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends.  … Continue reading

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This may be the first time in our relationship that I’ve remembered

(I take no credit.  I’m glad they invented Google Calendar.  Actually, I do take a little credit for starting the Judge Family Google Calendar. Anyway…) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGGAN!!

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Poetry Thursday

We made it to Thursday!  Hip hip hooray! Here are Sweet Peas John Keats Here are sweet peas, on tip-toe for a flight; With wings of gentle flush o’er delicate white, And taper fingers catching at all things, To bind … Continue reading

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The first day of school went fine for me.  Nik’s day was a little rougher. I had forgotten the sinking, almost helpless feeling of planning for an entirely new class.  It’s really not that fun.  Thankfully, I have two binders … Continue reading

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School starts tomorrow. YIKES.

School starts tomorrow.  I have a million posts in my head of things I want to write about and tell you all about.  I missed Poetry Thursday.  The office is a mess.  There’s much to be done.  But instead, yesterday … Continue reading

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Poetry Thursday (ha, ha, ha)

This is what I get for deciding to clean our whole house the week before school starts and host a huge party on Friday night (“Greek Fest 08”, of which we didn’t remember to take even a single picture) – … Continue reading

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Advice Column Tuesday

Dear Abby, The office in my house is a mess.  There are boxes everywhere, piles of books, dust bunnies in the corner, and general clutter everywhere. What should I do? Sincerely, Drowning in Stuff in Baltimore Dear Drowning, It’s simple!  … Continue reading

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Answering Aunt Zona’s comment

“First things first – was that dessert as delicious as it looks?  Second (keeping my priorities straight) does she share recipes?  It looks so beautiful.  As do your squash plants! No squash borers here, no sirree Bob!  As for dahlias … Continue reading

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Beautiful Things

On the front porch: Dinner that’s almost entirely from the Farmer’s Market and the CSA!  (We just need an olive tree and a goat to make feta and we’d be all set!) The filled-in rock garden [note the squash plants … Continue reading

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We’ve been busy…

Over about two weeks, we did about 60+ hours of yardwork and managed to accumulate A LOT of yard waste: When the yard materials recycling guys came, I hid inside.  I felt bad making them pick up all those bags!  … Continue reading

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