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Look! I just made all our [canning] lives easier!

As is my practice, for the third year in a row, here’s a rundown on how successful my plan for food preservation for CY (that’s canning year) 2014-2015 was , along with a “why didn’t I think of this before?” … Continue reading

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Picking In The Rain! Just Picking in The Rain!

Through a series of unfortunate events (mostly rain-related), we ended up deciding to go strawberry picking very last minute last Thursday evening.  We threw some food in the car for dinner and headed to the farm about 20 minutes after … Continue reading

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Have a lot of green tomatoes?

Does your dining room table look like this?  (That would be 5 pounds of green tomatoes, along with a huge bok choy, 2 1/2 pounds of chard, and eggplants if you’re curious.) Then make this! Here’s the link to Farmgirl … Continue reading

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Nik’s sandwiches for all of next school year! (hopefully)

On Thursday morning, Nik and I drove to: When we got there, we worked in the hot sun for almost 2 hours to pick 13 pounds of   I don’t know farm laborers do it.  I was exhausted for the … Continue reading

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We had a snow day today!  Basically, every school district in the state closed due to freezing rain.  The storm turned out to be not that bad but the roads were quite icy.  Anyway, even though I was a lazy … Continue reading

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An outline is all you’re going to get tonight

I.  Feeling much better. a.  antibiotics are wonderful. b.  only have a stuffy nose left II. Monday night – cut my thumb really badly. a.  it is possible to cut through both your nail and nail bed without really feeling … Continue reading

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What it all boils down to…

…is applesauce!  (And you thought that I was finally going to have a serious blog for once.  Gotcha!)  The weekend before Thanksgiving, I was at the Farmers’ Market and found a really great deal on apples – about $.33 per … Continue reading

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