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Making Progress on My Wedding Introvert Recovery Program

Two Saturdays ago, I had the fun and honor of being the wedding coordinator for a friend’s daughter’s wedding.  It was a great weekend and a great day but by the time I got home at around 6:00 pm, I … Continue reading

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You can get a lot of stuff done if you stay up four hours longer than you usually do!

First, Nik and I took down the queen bed frame that was in my room and sort of set up my table.  We were missing a few bolts.  But we were able to get it functional at least, if not … Continue reading

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Nik is amazing

Here they are!!!!!! (all 225 of them)

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ummm…yeah…about those pictures?

To Zona and all other interested parties – We have thousands, literally thousands, of pictures.  And it’s taking us forever to get them sorted.  But we have gotten quite a few picked out and I promise that soon we’ll put … Continue reading

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Polishing highly recommended

We have an extended service plan on my rings, which requires me to take them in every six months to get them inspected.  So while I had them inspect the rings last night (and a good thing too because the … Continue reading

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Happy 2-month-iversary to us!

We love it when our month-iversary comes around because we get to eat Mom’s cake!!  It’s sooooooooo good and we have about 5 more pieces in our freezer!  So that’s five more months of bliss!  And, the pieces are so … Continue reading

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The Two of Us

In Sherwood Gardens (where we also took our engagement pictures) Nik is working on getting a lot of our pictures posted to Flikr and then you’ll be able to look at wedding pictures to your heart’s content!

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Will those Judge kids ever be serious?


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Today I…

[finally] got around to organizing our kitchen.  I went through and cleaned out all the cupboards, moved stuff around, weeded out a lot of old stuff we don’t need, and put away our gifts.  I also cleaned, cleared, sorted, and … Continue reading

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