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I’m From Baltimore

I’ve said this on my blog before but I’ll say it again. I probably always will say that my home state is Alaska (not Maryland), but I am ever so proud, grateful, and glad today to say that my home … Continue reading

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Babies and Redbuds

Every year, we take a picture with our kids and our redbud tree, on or around April 19th.  Here’s 2011’s pictures, here’s 2012’s, and because I forgot to post them the last two years (poor Mark), here are three more … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring – Some Creepy, Some Cute

Ellie has finally admitted that “real spring” is here.  To her, spring means that she gets to wear tank tops and shorts because it’s really warm.  Spring does not mean “Yay, things are starting to grow!”  So, despite my best … Continue reading

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2014/2015 Sewing: Mark’s Doll is Finished (AT LAST!!)

I started the doll head in July, creepy alien eyes, part way through needle felting the wool ball that is the head’s base.  (See this post about Ellie’s doll for more about making the head.) sewed the clothes in July, … Continue reading

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I Promise My Sourdough Recipes Taste Better Than This

While reading My Antonia for the Classics Club last month, I came across this lovely passage.  Jim, the book’s narrator is speaking. I remember how horrified we were at the sour, ashy-grey bread she gave her family to eat.  She … Continue reading

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Classics Club, Books #13, 14, and 15: Willa Cather’s Prairie Trilogy (from January-March, 2015)

This is my first post about 2015’s books for The Classics Club.  I’ll be reading one classic book a month through 2018.  Track what I’m reading for the Classics Club here.  I’ll try not to include too many spoilers in … Continue reading

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Providing Identity Options (other than anti-princess)

Mark and Ellie, who was too busy peeling her stick to look at the camera Yesterday, we joining a hiking club for homeschoolers.  Mark was by far the youngest kid and Ellie was next.  She did an admirable job of … Continue reading

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Upping Your Cuteness Quotient for the Day

This blog post is for Nana, Grandpa, Yiayia, Pappou, and any other Salmon and Souvlaki readers who wish I would stop posting about shaving and baking and books, and just get on with the Ellie and Mark cuteness! learning backgammon … Continue reading

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Caution: Disastrous Results Ahead

I’ve been posting a lot about baking recently and I think it would be easy to assume that I’m a baking professional who never makes mistakes and always have perfect results. For example, in this post, I only used the … Continue reading

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Calling All Non-Shavers (female and male)

This is a intermediary post in my “No-Shave Experiment” mini-series. The perfect book was just published! Now I don’t have to cobble together research from dubious internet sources on what I want to know about the history of shaving.  Plucked: … Continue reading

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